Julia Roberts Slammed As A ‘Diva’ By Her Family

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Even though she has fans all over the world, Julia Roberts’ family isn’t fans of hers.

According to a new report by Radar Online, the A-list actress has come under fire from her sister-in-law, Jyl Moder, who is considered the “troubled sister” of Julia’s long-time husband, Danny Moder.

Even though Danny Moder and Julia Roberts have been married for more than 16 years, Jyl can’t get over the fact that Danny split from his first wife, Vera. She claims that Julia “broke up” her brother’s first marriage, and that she treats her and the rest of the Moder family “like s—.”

Jyl made these claims in her diary, which she kept during her stint in rehab.

But that’s not all Jyl has spoken about.


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Even though Julia and Danny paid for Jyl’s rehab — which cost more than $500 a day — Jyl still feels the need to paint the worst picture of her sister-in-law.

Dubbing the Pretty Woman actress as a “Buddha, but yet, so mean,” Jyl, who is now sober, kept the explosive diary as part of her “recovery process” in the Las Vegas-based rehab facility.

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Amongst the other things she alleges:

  • Julia Roberts treats Danny’s father like “crap.”
  • Jyl has been accused of “selling stories” to the press for drug money.
  • Julia is “overly possessive” of Danny, as well as a “rude diva.”
  • Jyl believes that Julia “divided [the Moder] family in half” and is “condescending” to family members.

Apparently, Jyl and Danny’s first wife, Vera, were the best of friends. So, when Vera and Danny divorced in 2002 — an event which, Jyl believes, was triggered by Julia’s presence — she not only had to endure her brother’s divorce, she had to endure the loss of someone she considered a good friend.

And the center of all this drama, according to Jyl, is none other than Julia Roberts.

But a source in the rehab center paints the opposite picture: it’s Jyl, not Julia, that’s the “diva.” The source in the rehab center claims that Jyl is “obsessed” with Julia and Danny, and took every opportunity she could to trash them for reasons not even they could understand.

In fact, just before she entered rehab, Jyl was arrested for domestic violence against her live-in boyfriend.

At the time of her admission into rehab, Jyl didn’t want to go, but Julia Roberts and Danny Moder staged an intervention, which finally got her to enter the rehab she so desperately needed.