Halle Berry Shows Just How Amazing 51 Can Look By Sharing Sexy Workout Video

Jordan Strauss/InvisionAP Images

Halle Berry may be 51-years-old, but she’s got the body of a woman decades younger — and she’s not afraid to show it off.

On Friday, the actress posted a workout montage to her Instagram page showing the strict regimen she goes through every day to stay so fit and the sexy body she’s got as a result. Berry shares a bit of her workout with fans every Friday, and this week’s installment focused on her work with resistance bands. The post included a picture of her sweaty exercise and videos in her Instagram Story.

Berry said the bands are perfect for her fitness goals and are a great fit for her busy schedule.

“I really like working with these very inexpensive bands because they require the use of my own body weight. I want to build strength while staying long and lean,” she wrote. “I never want to bulk up so I rarely use traditional weights. These bands are so easy to carry that they allow me to exercise wherever I go. I can work out in my trailer while filming, in my office, on vacation in a hotel room, at the beach, in my living room or just about anywhere.”

Halle Berry has plenty of reason to keep in good shape. She has a role in the upcoming action movie John Wick 3, and has shown some of her workout videos and pictures from the set of the movie. It’s not clear exactly what her role will entail, but if it includes any action, Berry will certainly be well equipped for the job.

There could be other, more personal motivations to stay in such amazing shape. A report from Life & Style Magazine claimed that a romance is blossoming between Halle Berry and her John Wick co-star Keanu Reaves, who plays the titular role in the series.

“Keanu is totally Halle’s type,” the source said. “She likes that he’s very mysterious, introspective, and down to earth. He’s not about the whole Hollywood spotlight thing. She finds that very attractive.”

The report claimed that the two connected even before filming started, and grew even closer while working on the movie.

While it’s not clear if there is any truth to the dating rumor, Halle Berry has made a real impression on her fans with her fitness videos. Many eagerly await the weekly workout videos and the sexy pictures she shares, with the posts garnering thousands of likes and plenty of supportive comments.