Lena Dunham Posts Nude Selfie & Compliments Her Ex-Boyfriend

For all the firestorms that Lena Dunham is capable of causing, she's nothing if not consistent in her message of body positivity.

And according to the Daily Mail, the Girls creator and star proved that it's all about feeling good about yourself as she posts a naked selfie while also complimenting her ex-boyfriend.

Lena Dunham says that even though her relationship with Jack Antonoff ended -- after five years of dating -- she feels she's a better person thanks to their relationship. She also said that dating Antonoff made her "smarter" than she was before.

According to Dunham, Antonoff was the one who told her that gaining weight was a "cool look," especially after she texted him about her sugar craving that she couldn't get over.

Dunham also said that she was still "best friends" with her ex, and recently posted a selfie of the two of them together, snuggled up and acting like they never split in the first place.

At the time, too, Dunham said that she and Antonoff couldn't accept the finality of their breakup, and thought they could maintain it by "going out on dates."

What wasn't clear, however, is the reason for the breakup. There wasn't cheating on either part, according to Dunham -- but the relationship had definitely "unbraided itself," according to the multi-media creator and firebrand.

Perhaps that was the motivation behind Lena Dunham's nude selfie that she'd posted shortly after gushing about her ex (of course, we can't show you the selfie here, but make sure to check out Lena's Instagram page if you're curious), with emoji stickers barely covering the important parts.

However, neither she nor Antonoff is necessarily sitting home waiting for the phone to ring.

A few weeks ago, Lena Dunham was seen "snuggling up" to a "mystery man" in New York City, while Antonoff has been rumored to be going steady with model Carlotta Kohl.