Queen, Prince Charles Supposedly Embrace World Cup Fever Ahead Of England Match, Hilarious Video Goes Viral

Chris JacksonGetty Images

People all over the world are going wild over the World Cup and that is especially the case in England ahead of their quarter-final match against Sweden. According to a new video making the rounds, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have caught World Cup fever too, but this video admittedly isn’t quite what it is made out to be. What’s the scoop?

Hello! shares the hilarious video that shows Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles watching England battle in the World Cup. However, in reality, things are not quite as they appear in the short clip.

In the brief video, the queen and prince are seen watching England play Sweden, and England wins after scoring a goal with a penalty shootout. They don’t start screaming or hollering, though. Rather, in the typical royal, stoic manner that the family is known for, the two exchange smiles. Then, as the screen goes dark, she notes that she thought it was quite good as Charles simply replies with a “yep.”

Of course, this hilarious video featuring the Queen and Prince Charles was made using some creativity and editing and isn’t exactly real. Apparently, the footage of the royals was pulled from a 2016 documentary that was created to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. Then, it was manipulated to make it seem that they were watching the World Cup game featuring England.

The short clip was posted on Twitter and it looks like at least a fair number of viewers perceived it as being real. Those who did pick up on the joke thought it was a fun and cheeky video and many think it would be fantastic if the two royals really did sit together and share their love for the English team as the battle the Swedes.

The tweet with the video included quite a few of the most popular hashtags that are making the rounds on social media as England continues to win at the World Cup. One very popular one is “ItsComingHome” and there is no shortage of posts and memes connected to this particular hashtag. The BBC shares some of the best and it’s clear that people are beyond hyped to see how far the Three Lions can make it.

Granted, nobody knows for certain whether Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles will be watching this upcoming game, or to what extent they have World Cup fever. It is known that Prince William has been keeping close tabs on the games and there is little doubt that other royals are anxious for a win here too. Can any of the other cheeky videos or memes currently floating around on social media top this one with the Royals?