'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Friday, July 6: Victor's World Comes Crashing Down!

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, July 6, brings some significant shocks to Genoa City as Ashley quits Newman Enterprises, Kyle does the unthinkable, and J.T. shows his face.

Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) planned a surprise party for Billy (Jason Thompson) aboard "Jaboat." There's just one small problem. Billy lost the company yacht in a poker game, and now the only thing he can do is win it back. Summer (Hunter King) filled Billy in on Phyllis's big plans, so he quickly came up with an excuse that the yacht needed repairs, so she decided to move the party to their place instead.

Meanwhile, at Newman Enterprises, Victor (Eric Braeden) lost it and went on an epic rant about libelous articles and Scott Grainger. Nikki showed up, and Victor told her all about the situation. Then, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) joined them, and she wanted to discuss things. However, Victor wasn't in the mood. However, she persisted, and ultimately, she said, "Did you do it?"

That question offended Victor to his core, and he told Ashley he expected her loyalty. Ultimately, she told him she had to protect herself and her family first, and then she shocked "The Mustache" by quitting.

At the Club, Arturo (Jason Canela) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) discussed Victor's meddling, and then Nikki arrived and apprised Abby of her dad's latest crisis. Abby told Nikki she planned to confront Victor about harassing Arturo. However, Nikki dropped a major bombshell on her step-daughter. Nikki told Abby that she'd been the one stirring up trouble for the contractor. She explained that she asked Arturo to stay away from Abby and when he didn't, she caused problems for him. Then she said, "No one messes with Nikki Newman."

After that, Abby and Arturo went to Billy's party. Summer and Billy also arrived, and Phyllis passed out pirate hats and punch to everybody. When Ashley arrived, she stunned everybody with the big announcement that she quit Newman Enterprises. Then she said she planned to come back to Jabot. Abby hated hearing that her mom abandoned her at Newman.

Ashley wanted to come back to Jabot as COO, and Billy didn't love the idea. Neither did Kyle (Michael Mealor) because he had designs on the position. While a drunk Kyle mused about not belonging anywhere and possibly digging up Phillip Chancellor's body, Billy received messages from Jack (Peter Bergman) and Traci (Beth Maitland) telling him to hire Ashley back. They even went so far as to promise him that they'd embarrass him with the board if he didn't. Defeated, Billy welcomed Ashley back as COO with a hug.

Finally, Nikki went to Sharon's (Sharon Case) to freak out about the drama over the article, which painted Victor as the perpetrator of a crime she actually committed. Nikki worried that Victor's world could crash down if he got convicted of her crime. When they heard a sound outside, they looked outside, and they screamed in terror when a man who looked just like J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) stared back at them. Nikki yelled, "Oh my God! He is still alive!"

And at the cemetery, Kyle dug up Phillip Chancellor's grave.

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