‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Week 2 Head Of Household Starts To Make Plans As The Next Nominations Loom

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother 20 is heading into Week 2 and Kaitlyn Herman is the new Head of Household. Everybody watched the first eviction take place during Thursday night’s show and some houseguests were left shaken by an early season shakeup with a flipped eviction vote. What do spoilers reveal about the upcoming nominations and plans for the coming week?

Big Brother Network shares spoilers detailing the overnight chatter in the house. There was a lot of talk among the BB20 houseguests regarding the flipped vote that led to Steve’s eviction over Sam’s, with some wondering if a special power had come into play.

Kaitlyn was stunned by her HOH win and she celebrated with a few drinks. Bayleigh and Haleigh did some celebrating in the storage room away from the others, confident that they would be safe with Herman as HOH. Of course, as Big Brother 20 spoiler fans know from the live feeds, they may not want to get too comfortable with their perceived safety at this point.

Quite a few houseguests spoke with Kaitlyn about the coming week and she promised Angie, Haleigh, and Faysal they would all be safe. In a discussion with Haleigh and Angie, the Big Brother 20 HOH voiced frustration over some things Swaggy had said, and later, Kaycee, Angela, and Winston talked and figured they could trust Kaitlyn to stick with them after her vote against Steve.

After a few cocktails, Kaitlyn did try to talk with Tyler about her upcoming nominations. Big Brother spoilers indicate that he kept the discussion vague, and elsewhere, Swaggy talked with his crew about sticking close to the HOH so they could keep tabs on her and keep the other group away from her. In the wee hours of the morning, Tyler hinted to Rachel that Swaggy could be in trouble with the nominations, while Angie and Haleigh hoped to see Winston and Brett targeted.

On Friday afternoon, after the BB20 houseguests got some sleep, Kaitlyn started talking to the houseguests again. She told Sam about her vote to save her, earning Sam’s alliance and appreciation. In addition, spoilers from Big Brother Daily via Twitter note that she discussed her potential plans extensively with Tyler.

As Tyler and Kaitlyn talked about their options, she made it clear that she’d like to see Swaggy eliminated, but she wants to backdoor him. She ultimately decided she’s going to put Scottie and Winston up, and she told Scottie she intends to put him up as a pawn against Winston, saying he is her true target. Big Brother 20 spoilers note that Kaitlyn then also talked with Winston, telling him that she’s putting him up next to Scottie with the ultimate goal being to backdoor Swaggy.

The Week 2 nominations should be revealed via the live feeds Friday night and spoiler fans will be curious to see if Kaitlyn sticks with her latest plan. Will she get an opportunity to backdoor Swaggy or will she be stuck with two people on the block she didn’t intend to have in danger? Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as they emerge to see who is nominated and who ultimately remains in danger of eviction.