Meek Mill Drops Post-Prison Stint EP, Addresses Police/Judicial Reform

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Ever since his release from prison amidst a publicly spectacled court case involving a probation violation from nearly a decade ago, as well as an alleged partial judge with a vengeance against the rapper, the world has been waiting for Meek Mill to release new music, and through it share his story with the world.

Finally, that has now manifested in the form of his Legends of the Summer EP, a four-track roller coaster through the rapper’s trials, tribulations, and storied homecoming.

Beginning with the boisterous Swizz Beatz assisted track “Millidelphia,” Meek can be heard starting the song with such statements as “King’s back!” as well as claims that it’s “Meek time.” The song follows a well-known vein for the rapper, dancing his rhymes over a hard-hitting beat with ethereal, almost holy-like samples echoing behind claims of his icon status, never-fail raps, and having the “key to the city.” Meek hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has always been an outspoken advocate for his home, rapping about it in some way in a great deal of his music.

Following the bellowing sounds of “Millidelphia” is a slowed down Hitmaker-produced track featuring singer Jeremih and singer/rapper PnB Rock, entitled “Dangerous” the two vocalists aid the Philly native in a smooth-paced rap/R&B homologation over a guitar loop, something Meek has come to use a lot in his less energetic works.

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The third track on the project, “1am” is reminiscent of another Mill hit “House Party,” where the rapper uses the same traditionally-sourced type of beat and flow that delivers another true hard hitter where his words hit harder than an 808 kick could.

The final track “Stay Woke” featuring singer Miguel was first previewed last month at the BET Awards, when the rapper initially set the hip-hop world abuzz with his deeply introspective words in reference to police brutality, racism, and his own personal issues with the law, rapping about how this all happened due to him “poppin’ wheelies,” a reference to the charge that the artist received for wheely-ing his dirt bike on a public street that started this whole current ordeal. Meek had also been arrested on misdemeanor assault charges for his actions towards an airport employee who attempted to approach the rapper.

Both charges ended up violating a probation term that Meek had been sentenced to in 2008 stemming from a drug and gun-related incident and landed him in the position to potentially serve 2-4 years in prison now because of these new offenses.