‘The West Wing’ Reunites As Legos, Cast Reacts

Reed SaxonAP Images

The West Wing was one of television’s most beloved shows, having premiered in 1999 and lasting seven seasons. After 118 Emmy wins, they were finally voted out of office in 2006. There have been constant calls over the years since for the incredibly smart show with snappy dialogue to make a comeback and anytime any of the cast is photographed together, it restarts the rumor mill. Well, now the ‘cast’ has come together in a very different venue. A very industrious fan has reunited the show in a Lego display. Yes, you read that right. Lynn Murphy shared her masterpiece on Twitter and included a picture to show cast members what she had done — and a couple of them responded.

It started when actor Richard Schiff, who played Communications Director Toby Ziegler for the entire run of the show, sent out a tweet that said he was in Ireland. Murphy, who lives in Ireland, responded to the actor by sharing a picture of just the Toby Lego holding a pint of Guinness in which she wrote, “@Richard_Schiff Hope you’re keeping cool with a pint or two! #PintOfTheBlackStuff #Sláinte.”

“Wait what? I want one of those!!,” replied the actor. Murphy offered to send it to him and others on Twitter chimed in, sharing their hearty approval of her works of art. Schiff used his trademark humor to share his thoughts on his likeness, joking, “I look like I just ate a bowl of cheese puffs.”

Murphy eventually revealed an image with the entire cast, imagined as Lego figurines, complete with nameplates, a Lego White House, and The West Wing flag draped behind it. Twitter took notice, with several people wishing there was a way to market a set for the show. Murphy revealed that she, “put them together from Lego bits etc. So not available commercially I’m afraid.” And then another cast member took notice and shared her thoughts about what she was seeing.

“Love this! CJ looks particularly evil, but in a good way:),” remarked multiple Primetime Emmy Award winner for her role as Press Secretary C.J. Cregg, Allison Janney. The actress also recently won an Oscar. Unlike some stars who are all about looking forward, Janney has made it clear she loves any chance she gets to revisit her role on the beloved show. Back on April 29, 2016, Janney surprised White House press secretary Josh Earnest by appearing at the podium in the James Brady Press Briefing Room, where she addressed the press corps, much to their delight, in character as C.J. She had been in town to draw attention to the opioid epidemic.