‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Obrecht May Be In Trouble, Carly Gets Feisty, And Nelle’s Left Shaken

Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 9 hint that things will be juicy for viewers who are anxious for action. Friday’s show laid the groundwork for some of these developments and it sounds like fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few shows.

Viewers have seen young Wyatt, the Raging Racoon youngster in the woods, visit Peter at the cabin a couple of times now. General Hospital spoilers hint that Wyatt’s visits will actually lead to trouble for Obrecht and fans cannot wait to see this storyline wrapped up.

SheKnows Soaps shares some spoilers from Soap Opera Digest and help for Peter will develop from an unlikely direction. General Hospital spoilers hint that Wyatt will figure out that Obrecht behind Peter’s captivity and he will soon tell Franco and Finn about the man tied up at the cabin.

Obrecht reportedly overhears Wyatt telling the guys this, and Franco will have some questions for Liesl. Eventually, Finn and Franco will head off to find the cabin, as Soap Central reveals that Franco will be feeling curious.

In the midst of all of this Obrecht will let down her guard, and there is speculation that her shoes may be key to Wyatt piecing all of this together. Will Peter finally be freed? That much isn’t known yet, but at least the wheels seem to be in motion.


Also ahead during the week of July 9 is some feistiness from Carly. General Hospital spoilers share that she will demand to see Kevin at one point, and it sounds as if she will get difficult with the Ferncliff staff. In fact, she gets so riled up, that someone will be wanting an apology from her, but she’ll refuse.

There’s a lot going on with Nelle at the moment, as well. Michael talked with Chase and Jordan about a potential plan to fake his death and there’s more on the way with that in the coming week. Not only is Ava threatening to cause trouble for Nelle, but Jason is determined to prove Carly’s innocence and Michael’s approaching things from a different direction. She is said to end up feeling flustered at one point, but viewers know not to count her out yet.

Additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge as the week of July 9 begins and teasers suggest that there is a lot of juicy stuff on the horizon. Who will finally take Nelle down and when will Peter be freed? Viewers cannot wait to see the twists and turns said to be on the way on these fronts.