[VIDEO] A Nintendo DSi commercial, as made on a Nintendo DSi

A new and very meta Nintendo DSi commercial really shows off the little handheld’s capabilities… because it was made on a Nintendo DSi.

Specifically, it was made on Flipnote Studio, a completely free downloadable application for the DSi that has been called “freakin’ awesome” (by me, just then). The app allows users to draw pictures with the stylus, add their own sound through the DSi’s microphone, and piece them together to create frame-by-frame flipbook-style animations.

It’s simple, but horribly addictive, and you can even upload your animations to the interweb.

Most Flipnote animations, alas, end up looking like this, so to highlight the potential of this wonderful little program, Nintendo turned to the big guns of animation, and hired Aardman Animations to make the Christmassy TV spot you see below:

[YouTube, via Go Nintendo]