White Man Accused Of Racism After Calling Cops On Black Woman For Using Neighborhood Pool

Jasmine Edwards, a black resident of Winston-Salem in North Carolina, accused a white man of racial profiling after he called cops on her for entering the neighborhood pool.

A video of the incident, which was posted on Facebook by Edwards, has gone viral, receiving more than 4.3 million views at the time of writing. Edwards alleged that the white man, who has been identified as Adam Bloom by the Glenridge Homeowners Association, asked her to show an ID proof to enter the neighborhood pool. The black woman confronts him in the video, asking Bloom if he could tell her where exactly the rule is mentioned on the pool’s premises, but he stumbles to give her an answer.

“Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use my own pool?” Edwards asks him, while a police vehicle can be seen in the background, allegedly called by Adam to report the black woman to the cops.

The woman tells Adam her address, but the man continues to ask her about the ID. An officer tries to intervene, asking what is typically needed to enter the pool. Edwards tells the officer that only a keycard is needed, which she possesses, arguing that she wouldn’t have been able to enter the premises with a baby in her hand if she didn’t have a keycard in the first place.

The officer checks her keycard, and when it opens the gate to the pool, he apologizes to the woman. But Adam continues to assert that an ID is needed, at which point the cop tells him that Edwards doesn’t need it because the rules to the pool do not dictate it.

The video has gone viral since it was posted online, with many agreeing with Edwards in her assessment that she was targeted by the man because she is black. Many social media users rallied behind the black woman, with #idadam trending on Twitter and Facebook late on Thursday night. Users posted details about where Bloom worked, urging his employer to fire him,


The lifeguard at the pool, Karam Gulkham, confirmed that only a keycard is needed to enter the pool. Gulkham told News & Record that he had no idea what prompted Bloom to continue to harass Edwards when she had legally entered the pool.

“There’s a keycard to the door to get into the pool. Apparently it was not enough for him. I don’t know why he felt it wasn’t enough.”

In the video, Edwards had asked the cops if Bloom can be charged with a crime for racially profiling her, to which the officer replied that it would be a civil case. It is not yet known if Edwards remains keen on pushing ahead with a criminal complaint against him, but social media users have applauded her for making Bloom infamous.