Tiffany Trump Dating Rumors Circulate After She Spends Fourth Of July With Chris Allam

Is Tiffany Trump dating her male friend, Chris Allam? Trump sparked new rumors that they might be more than friends as a new photo shows them looking cozy at a Fourth Of July party in the Hamptons. In a photo published by Page Six, Trump and Allam are sitting close to one another. She's wearing a strappy blue maxi-dress and he has on a white tee with blue jeans.

This isn't the first time that they've been photographed together. Allam posted a photo of the first daughter on his Instagram page at the beginning of this month. In that photo, he has his arm around her and is sticking out his tongue at the camera.

As Page Six reports, Trump traveled to the event on a party bus. She documented the entire experience on Instagram and there was the expected drinking and dancing. It probably would have been just a regular party if it wasn't for the Secret Service at the location. One insider revealed that agents assigned to Tiffany were at the house party which was held by life-coach/model Tinamarie Clark and David Rosenberg's Bridgehampton estate.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were also there.

According to the Daily Mail, Tiffany Trump spent Fourth Of July weekend in New York with some of her friends, like Peter Brant and David Eirhornm who is best known for being one of Scott Disick's playboy pals. They also report that she and Allam were together at his home in Connecticut before she went to the Hamptons and "stayed by his side" all through the night.

Tiffany is arguably the least famous Trump sibling, but Chris Allam is something of a mystery too.

The Daily Mail reports that he's currently employed by the Tao Group, which could explain why the founders of the nightlife company were in the Hamptons partying alongside Tiffany. Tao is the umbrella group that runs a number of high-profile nightclubs like Avenue in Los Angeles, Marquee in New York, and Tao in Las Vegas.

Before he worked for Tao, Allam was the part owner of a clothing line called Pelican Breeze, LLC, which he managed with a couple of his friends. He has also worked as an assistant to the head of marketing at a company called Next Step Realty.

On Thursday, Allam continued to post videos of his time at the Hamptons, but Tiffany wasn't in any of those clips. The Daily Mail speculates that she could have said her goodbyes to the crew early to head back to her apartment in New York, or that she might have gone to Massachusetts to attend Robert Kennedy III's wedding.