Ed Westwick Is On A Celebrity Dating App

Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images

Ed Westwick is a British actor and musician who recently underwent allegations of rape from American actress Kristina Cohen, as well as four other women, in 2017, according to the Inquisitr. The actor was reportedly still under investigation as of this past March, reports People. Westwick, 31 years old, is perhaps best known for his role as Chuck Bass on the CW’s teen television drama series Gossip Girl. Now the actor is cited to be swiping right on a celebrity dating app called Raya — an iOS only application — even though he has been seen online and out and about with his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty, says Canoe.

Raya, launched in March 2015, is described as a “private membership based community” where people can connect and collaborate globally. Swiping on the app is similar to that of Tinder. However, TechCrunch claims that Raya is less like Tinder and more like a “secret society.” Admittedly, Raya is used for dual purposes; users utilize the app for professional networking and as a dating app, with parallel profiles for each one.

Westwick was seen in what appeared to be a romantic way with Jessica Serfaty, an America’s Next Top Model star, just a mere few weeks ago. She also shared a photo on June 27 of the actor to her Instagram with a warm message, tagging him in it and referring to Westwick as “kind hearted” in the caption. The couple has not officially declare anything public regarding the status of their relationship or confirming if they are still dating. Jessica is 27, and has famously stood by Westwick’s side since last year when the sex crime allegations came to light.


A source recently spoke out to reporters from The Sun, calling foul on Westwick for his behavior. Ed’s representatives have not yet responded to comment requests.

“When I saw him on the app I couldn’t believe it. It just made me feel sorry for Jessica and everything she’s had to put up with. She’s stood by him throughout these allegations and the least she could expect is for him to not be spending time on this app. Only the other day she was posting about how much she cared about him on Instagram.”

Westwick’s profile on Raya explains that he is from London, and he has shared a number of photos of himself and linked out to his Instagram profile. Apparently, even though the site has an option for users to select a “just for friends” choice, the Gossip Girl actor has not activated the option.