Richard Spencer, Who Wants Unwanted Immigrants Expelled From The U.S., Gets Expelled From Traveling In Europe

Chris O'MearaAP Images

Richard Spencer has long been an advocate for expelling unwanted immigrants from the United States. Unfortunately for the prominent white nationalist, his European destination felt the same way.

Spencer was slated to be the surprise guest at a conference for young white supremacists in Europe, but Think Progress reported that he was caught up during a layover in Poland and told that he was barred from traveling in the country. He was sent back to the United States, the report noted.

As the British advocacy group Hope Not Hate reported, this is not the first time that Richard Spencer has been turned away while trying to travel in Europe.

“Spencer has previously been banned from entering Hungary but was this time stopped by Poland, possibly because of a speech he was supposed to hold at the Polish day of independence last year,” the report noted.

The report of Spencer’s travel denial was met with glee by many of his critics, who note that Spencer has long advocated for unwanted immigrants to be expelled from the United States.

Richard Spencer may now want to cross Europe off his scheduling list permanently. As the Independent reported last year, he is banned from the 26 countries in Europe’s visa-free Schengen area for the next five years.

It’s actually been a rough couple of months for Richard Spencer, Think Progress noted. His nationwide college tour “imploded” due to low attendance numbers, the report noted, and his website was shut down by GoDaddy for violating the terms of service. Spencer was also banned from three different online fundraising sites, leaving it difficult for him to raise money for the legal fees for the lawsuit he’s facing due to his role in the deadly Charlottesville demonstration last year.

To make matters worse, Spencer can’t even enjoy a drink in peace. As Eater reported, his credit card was declined when he tried to buy a $4.25 shot of bourbon at a bar in Montana. The bar’s owner, Doug Rommereim, later took to social media to gloat about Spencer’s financial woes, sharing a picture of the receipt with the words “Declined!” written at the top.

“The racist spiels, his ethnic cleansing ideas I find repugnant, as do most people that live in this town,” Rommereim told local news station KGVO. “I would never put someone’s credit card up like that because they got declined, I would never do that… except in this one instance where I thought it was kind of funny.”

While Richard Spencer may not be welcome in most of Europe, he will be able to return to the Montana bar. Rommereim said he won’t turn Spencer away, even if he doesn’t agree with his views.