Julianne Hough Rocks A Strapless Bikini And Pulls Off A Wacky Pool Stunt In Instagram Video

Emma McIntyreGetty Images for Women in Film

Julianne Hough didn’t need a fireworks display to keep her Fourth of July party guests entertained. Instead, the Dancing with the Stars judge used her athleticism to wow her pals by taking off like a bottle rocket and pulling off an impressive pool stunt.

Julianne Hough, 29, risked suffering a wardrobe malfunction at her outdoors Independence Day bash. On Thursday, the professional dancer shared an Instagram video that was recorded during the poolside party. The slow motion video shows Julianne making the daring decision to run beside a pool while wearing a bikini with no shoulder straps to hold the top of the two-piece in place. Her bandeau bikini top was a patriotic red, and it featured three stripe-like straps across the back. She paired it with blue low-cut bottoms.

Julianne didn’t just put her bikini top’s adherence to her body to the test by sprinting in her strapless swimsuit; she also performed some gymnastics in it. However, simply pulling off a basic running front flip wouldn’t do for a talented choreographer like Julianne. First, she created her own vault using a giant pool float shaped like an open clam shell. She arranged it in front of another large float shaped like a flamingo. Once her apparatus was ready, she ran toward the pool; used her hands to vault off the clam shell; and did a flip before coming down on top of the flamingo with her legs spread. Julianne Hough’s guests celebrated as she stuck her landing.

“You’re Welcome,” she captioned the video of the pool stunt. “Thanks for the support @kristysowin and @lewishowes.”

Some of Hough’s Instagram followers were impressed that she managed to perform her pool vault without losing half of her bikini.

“LOL that’s so awesome!!!!!!!! And your top stayed on. That is pure talent!!!!!!” wrote one fan in response to the video.

“You did that without your top falling off. Nailed it!” another remarked.

Others praised Hough for sticking her landing, with one commenter writing that she deserved a “gold medal” for her bikini flip. However, she wasn’t the only one trying to win the top prize in the competition to see who could perform the best pool trick at her Fourth of July party. Not to be outdone, Hough’s professional hockey player husband, Brooks Laich, also performed a few pools stunts of his own.

In a video that Julianne Hough posted to her Instagram stories, Laich tried and failed to catch a frisbee thrown underneath his spread legs as he jumped into the pool. Hough added a caption to the video describing her man as “competitive AF.” Laich gave the trick another shot, and he got a “Noice!!!!!!!” from his wife for pulling it off.

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich don’t just goof off together when they’re partying. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, they also like to be silly when they’re working out together. In another Instagram video that Hough recently shared with her followers, she can be seen shaking her booty behind her oblivious husband while he does squats.

Dancing with the Stars fans might love watching Hough show off her impressive dance moves, but it looks like her Instagram followers prefer watching her try to be a gymnast. Her bikini vault video has been viewed over 819,000 times so far, while the gym dancing video has only received around 232,000 views.