Meghan Markle Shines In A Bright Yellow Dress Picked By Lady Gaga’s Stylist

Yui MokGetty Images

When it comes to high fashion and good style, no one has it quite like Meghan Markle. The newly-minted Duchess of Sussex is being regarded as a fashion icon for her generation, much like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, before her.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle is turning heads yet again, this time by donning an outfit chosen for her by Lady Gaga’s personal stylist.

The yellow dress, which the Duchess wore to the Commonwealth Youth Forum today, was designed by Brandon Maxwell. The Duchess turned heads as her infamous “bun” made an appearance back on her head, which has become a bit of a signature look for the former Suits actress.

But Brandon Maxwell isn’t just a fashion designer — since 2012, he’s been picking outfits for the one and only Lady Gaga.

It’s unclear how the Duchess and Maxwell met one another, or why the Duchess decided to commission him for this event.

What is known, however, is that Prince Harry was the perfect compliment to his stylish wife as he wore a sharp blue suit paired with a crisp white shirt and an olive-colored tie.

Check out some of the photos featuring Meghan Markle’s new look below.

The getup that Brandon Maxwell designed for Meghan Markle retails for a cool $1,495 and can be purchased at most department stores.

Prince Harry was appointed the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador by the Queen earlier this year.

The Forum’s goal is to “inspire young people to shape the future of the British Commonwealth,” which meant they met with young representatives from Tonga, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will go on a tour of the Commonwealth this fall, and this Commonwealth Youth Ambassador event is the first of a multi-week event that aims to celebrate the talent, and contributions, of the British Commonwealth.

What’s more, the Commonwealth Youth Forum helps to “build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing its young people, agree youth-led initiatives to influence decision-makers and ensure young people have a voice in its future,” according to their mission statement.

Meghan Markle continued to make headlines, too, because of her increased affection with her husband in public — something that goes completely against the protocol of the British royal family, which forbids public affection between royal couples. However, the couple is known for bucking several stuffy traditions put forth by the British royal family, so this should come as no surprise to anyone.