Prince Charles Reveals ‘Darling Wife’ Camilla’s Guilty Pleasure During Tour Of Wales

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Prince Charles is in Wales for a week full of events that include attending a summer festival in a small riverside village with his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. People reports that she returned to London Wednesday but was obviously on her husband’s mind as he let slip one of her guilty pleasures. It happened while Charles was enjoying some local cuisine at the Corn Exchange in the small town of Crickhowell.

Locals were thrilled to showcase the Corn Exchange to the prince as it’s a source of great pride for the community. Once a pub, the place was once set to be turned into a supermarket, but locals protested and bought it up. Since then they have restored the building and added apartments and space for three local businesses. Among the businesses is Natural Weigh, a zero-waste store that sells a wide range of products including environment friendly cleaners and organic foods. Charles paid a visit to the store Thursday and took a look at their large offering of chocolate. When he was offered a piece, he kindly refused, proclaiming, “it’s my darling wife who likes chocolate!” Showing that he has much different food preferences, he opted instead for some organic cannellini beans.

The Masefields who own Natural Weigh seemed to enjoy Prince Charles’ visit greatly. Robin Masefield commented, “it was really great for all the work that’s gone into the building to have the Prince of Wales come.” She indicated that the prince said he liked their system and the range of choices they offer. Chloe Masefield added, “he’s really friendly and personable. It has been so exciting — a bit of a whirlwind. Everyone’s so excited about it and positive.”

Charles has long been an advocate of sustainable living and food production as well as repurposing old buildings, so the visit to the Corn Exchange was of special interest to him. Tim Jones played a part in the transformation and expressed his gratitude for the royal visit.

“We’re very aware of the prince’s interest in regeneration and sustainable high streets and are delighted that he’s here today and decided to open it. It puts the icing on the cake for us.”

The prince tasted some vegan Sunshine Lemon and Pea soup at Odonnell bakehouses and declared it “seriously good” and looked in fascination at the selection of antiques, glassware, and baskets at The Emporium. Everywhere he went, he interacted with local residents. It seemed that a great time was had by all.

As he left, Charles congratulated everyone on a job well done in bringing the building “back to life” and for “above all retaining the essence of Crickhowell, which makes it so very special.”