Meghan Markle Was A Better Royal Than Kate Middleton At This Recent Event, Says Expert

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton seem to be on good terms but that hasn’t stopped royal observers pitting the duchesses against each other. Their senses of style have been compared as well as their relationships with Queen Elizabeth II. Now, a body language expert is claiming that Meghan Markle outdid Kate Middleton at a recent event.

Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible, recently told The Express that Duchess Meghan “out-royaled” Middleton when they both appeared at the Royal Foundation Forum in February.

Of course, Meghan wasn’t a member of the royal family at the time. Even so, James said that at certain points, the former Suits actress’s mannerisms were more befitting a duchess than Kate’s.

“In some ways Meghan ‘out-royaled’ Kate by crossing her legs at the ankle in the demure style of the older royals while Kate sat using a more contemporary leg cross,” she said.

But James also said that it was clear that the Duchess of Sussex was mirroring the Duchess of Cambridge throughout the event.

“Meghan was ‘twinning’ herself to Kate by using the same, almost balletic palm-up hand in her lap while the other hand came up in a face-concealing cut-off as both women shared a giggle over a comment,” she pointed out. “Both sets of hands fell into a hand clasp gesture as they listened to Harry talking.”

There’s been a lot of speculation about the nature of Meghan and Kate’s friendship or lack thereof, but James said that their body language at that event indicated that the two are developing a healthy relationship.

Judi James also supported the theory that Meghan has been mimicking Kate’s fashion in a bid to fit in with the royal family but said that this hinted at “a degree of submission to show a desire for rapport and team acceptance.”

Even though there have been some similarities between their wardrobe choices, Meghan has shown that she’s willing to break the rules and put her own stamp on her new royal role. At The Trooping The Color ceremony, she wore a blush pink off the shoulder dress. Royal women are hardly ever seen at public events with bare shoulders, so this was a bold choice for her to make.

She’s also shown that she isn’t afraid of bright pops of color. On July 5, Meghan wore a sunshine yellow sheath dress by Brandon Maxwell to the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge Reception at London’s Marlborough House, Harper’s Bazaar reports.

It was a big change from the neutral colors we’ve grown used to seeing her in. According to Harper’s Bazaar, she’s careful to wear those cool tones when she’s out with Queen Elizabeth so that she doesn’t clash with the colors that the monarch might be wearing. But at this reception, it was just her and Prince Harry, so she was free to stand out and stake her claim on the royal media spotlight.