WWE News: Rusev Reveals Why He Was Pulled From Casket Match With The Undertaker


There are probably not a lot of matches left in The Undertaker before his wrestling career in WWE is over, and Rusev almost had his opportunity taken away from him. As the buildup continued for the Greatest Royal Rumble back in May, Rusev was placed in a Casket Match against The Undertaker before being pulled from it and then, put back in it. Now, the “Bulgarian Brute” has revealed why all of that chaos went down.

Originally, the Casket Match for the Greatest Royal Rumble was made with Rusev taking on The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. In mid-April, WWE made a random change by pulling Rusev from the match and putting Chris Jericho into it in his place, but there was no real explanation ever given.

Now, the truth has been revealed and it all had to do with Rusev actually laughing at Vince McMahon’s decision.

Earlier this week, a new episode of Ride Along was released on the WWE Network and it included Rusev, Lana, and Aiden English in a car together. As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, they began discussing the Casket Match and when Vince McMahon scheduled Rusv against The Undertaker.

That’s when English said he loved that Rusev “laughed in the chairman’s face…in one of the biggest matches of your career.”

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Featured image credit: WWE

English’s comments had to do with the incident which took place backstage after it was announced that the original match was on. As soon as WWE revealed that The Undertaker would battle Rusev in a Casket Match, he sent out a tweet which was misinterpreted by a lot of people.

His tweet could have been taken a number of ways. It was a Casket Match which means that he could be “buried” as far as the storyline goes. On the other hand, he could have been making fun of his slim chances of actually winning the match.

Right after that, Rusev was pulled from the match and Chris Jericho was inserted in his place. On the episode of Ride Along, Rusev explained just what happened to Lana and Aiden English.

“Remember when Vince Told me I was gonna face The Undertaker and I laughed at him? What did I get for it? I got pulled out.”

Rusev continued on to say that he was eventually placed back into the match and it had to do with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. It appears the prince contacted WWE and said, “Rusev Day is coming to town, baby.”

From that point on, Rusev was featured back on advertisements for the Greatest Royal Rumble and Jericho was placed into the 50-man battle royal. Lana kept the storyline going on Twitter at that time and let the world know that Rusev was back in the Casket Match.

This little example goes to show you that Vince McMahon wants WWE superstars to take any and all of their opportunities seriously. Whether they think it is stupid or they don’t have a chance of winning, he wants hem to do their best in what they are presented. Rusev being pulled from the Casket Match for laughing at Vince McMahon ended up almost costing him one of the biggest matches of his career, but the prince was on his side.