‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Shares Big News With Sam As ‘JaSam’ Fans Get Antsy For A Full-Blown Reunion

Craig SjodinABC

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers got to see some sweet moments between Jason, Sam, and Danny. They happened to end up on the bridge together as the fireworks for the Fourth of July began, and “JaSam” fans loved the glances exchanged between Jason and Sam. Spoilers detail that she will share an important conversation with Drew during Thursday’s show and this may well set the stage for big shifts in relationships.

Ever since the real Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) came back, Sam has struggled. She initially decided to stay with Drew Cain (Billy Miller), but she soon came to realize that she wasn’t ready to say farewell to Jason and the love they had shared forever. Ultimately, she determined that she needed to split from Drew and General Hospital spoilers detail that this comes into play during the July 5 show.

The preview shared via Twitter for Thursday’s episode shows Drew talking with Sam and telling her that their divorce is final. Sam seems to be somewhat taken aback as she hears this, but ultimately, this is what she has decided she wants.

According to the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps for this next episode, Sam will be making a clean break. While she and Drew will always be connected because of Scout, it seems that she will take this news from her ex and look to move forward in her life with a fresh start. It doesn’t sound as if she’ll immediately run to Jason, but JaSam fans are feeling optimistic that they’ll be together again soon.

Also ahead on Thursday’s show, Milo will be back and tearfully connecting with Sonny. Viewers are anxious to know what it is that has Milo feeling so emotional, and so far, General Hospital spoilers haven’t unveiled the details on this front. Fans will be thrilled to have the actor back again, though, and they hope he’ll be sticking around for a while.

Franco will have a heartfelt talk with Scott and he’ll be ranting about Bensch while Ava will open up to Julian about a plan she’s formulated. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Oscar will talk with his mom Kim about wanting her to reunite with Drew and ditch Julian, but he may not have much success on this front.

Signs have definitely been pointing toward a reunion between Jason and Sam, but what comes next for Drew? Fans of Billy Miller are anxious to see him given a solid, juicy storyline and hope that the show won’t waste the opportunity they have now to challenge him with something big. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are great things on the way for him and everybody is anxious to see where this all heads next.