Donald Trump Jr. Shares Bizarre Photo Of His Dad, ‘Freedom Bae,’ In Honor Of July 4

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In a nod to his father and in honor of July 4, Donald Trump, Jr. posted a bizarre photo to Instagram Thursday. It featured a cartoon image of President Trump wearing a white t-shirt and striking a pose similar to that of Salt Bae. The Independent explains that Salt Bae is an internet star and chef from Turkey who has steakhouses in Miami and New York. He’s known for an elaborate pose he uses to sprinkle meat with salt. He often poses with fans or celebrities in the same pose. In Donald Jr’s Instagram post, his father is shown sprinkling red, white, and blue stars. He captioned the image with:

“Newly discovered footage of Freedom Bae!!! Just sprinkling a bit of freedom for all of us to enjoy this #independenceday weekend. Also continuing my quest to take out pop culture terms.”

His reference to a question to take out pop culture terms is related to a tweet he made last week in which he said, “OMG! Just when you thought this week couldn’t get more lit… I give you Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from #SCOTUS.” The president’s son received lots of flack for his use of the word “lit,” including a declaration from Mashable that “Donald Trump Jr. has officially killed the word ‘lit.” The word is typically thought of as a lighthearted term used in excitement or to describe something fun, not exactly an accurate description of something like the retirement of a Supreme Court justice.

In another holiday-related show of support for his father on Instagram, Trump Jr. posted another image of him dressed in a uniform reminiscent of the Revolutionary War. An eagle is perched on the raised left arm of the president while he holds a large firearm in the other. He stands atop some wreckage while an American flag flies behind him. This image had the simple caption “This is amazing.” As expected with any posted the president’s son makes about him, responses were mixed. Some loved it and wanted to know where they could get a copy to hang on their wall or use as a screensaver while others took the opportunity to bring up President Trump’s lack of military service, saying things like, “Deferment Donnie had his chance. Bonespurs. Remember?” and “Good one! Dude lied to get out of a war ya’ll funny as heck.”

Among the posts Donald Trump Jr. made on July 4 was one with girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and another of the American flag.

Happy Birthday America!!! ????????????????????????????????

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