Donald Trump Jr. Posts Bizarre Pictures Of His Father To Instagram For Fourth Of July

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After having been vilified in social media circles for his usage of pop-culture term “lit” in response to the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy last week, Donald Trump Jr. doubled down on his meme portfolio for the Fourth of July, according to The Independent.

Last week’s performance seemed to be a warm-up for the frequently flamboyant son of President Trump, effusive in his excitement over having the prospect of another Supreme Court pick being offered up to his father. Taking to Twitter, he posted a message of hype surrounding the notion.

Popular media outlets critical of Trump and his family took the lead in criticizing Donald Trump Jr.’s usage of the word “lit,” including most prominently the pop culture magazine Mashable, which pushed out a piece titled “Donald Trump Jr. has officially killed the word ‘lit.” This entourage of left-leaning publications may be in for another shock from the younger Trump as he took to Instagram yesterday in a meme-posting frenzy that saw several weird and bizarre images thrown up on his timeline.

The first image the president’s son posted to Instagram was a meme taking its inspiration from the famous internet icon known as “Salt Bae.” Originally rising to fame in early January of last year, Turkish chef and restaurateur Nusret Gokce became a sensation when his elaborate posing whilst pouring salt down his arm onto the dish earned him his social media moniker, according to Know Your Meme.

Donald Trump Jr.’s version of the meme features his father in the iconic pose, bright white t-shirt, and cool shades sprinkling red, white, and blue stars down upon a presumably gracious audience. In the subtitle of the post, Trump refers to the image of his father as “Freedom Bae” and acknowledges that he is, in fact, looking to subvert the established pop culture terms as accused by Mashable et al. in a bit of playful banter.

The second image under scrutiny by the press was posted hours later and took a martial turn.

An image of the commander in chief standing on a pile of debris, toting a minigun akin to the one used by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous Terminator T-800 character, and accompanied by a bald eagle about to take flight from its perch on his raised forearm leaves little to the patriotic imagination. Wearing clothes from the Revolutionary War era and backgrounded by the American flag, the meme is “amazing” in the words of the first son.

Featured image credit: Rick WilkingGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. is no stranger to MAGA-themed memes and commentary on the social media platform, frequently defending his father and the current administration from the slings and arrows launched by critics in the media, according to The Independent.