EMT That Heather Locklear Allegedly Attacked Hires A Personal Injury Lawyer

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

While this new matter won’t hurt Heather Locklear criminally, it’s likely to sting financially. Over the last year, Locklear has had several run-ins with police and emergency workers, the last of which put her in legal peril and then hospitalized on a psychiatric hold.

TMZ is now reporting that the EMT that arrived with police during the second to last matter has hired personal injury lawyer Kevin Flahavan to represent them in the matter against the Melrose Place actor. The individual, whose name is not being provided, claims that injuries suffered during the Locklear matter have made it impossible to do the work necessary as an EMT and that the person is now on desk duty.

There are several witnesses in the event where a police officer was allegedly punched and the EMT kicked, causing head and neck injuries after Locklear’s family called 911 with claims that they were being assaulted. After the dust-up, Locklear was arrested for assault and taken into police custody after being evaluated at the hospital for a possible overdose.

Heather Locklear has two court dates in August for two separate events, both of which involve assault and/or injuries to another person.

The TMZ source is reporting that the EMT is not only seeking money for the injuries sustained (pain and suffering) at the hands of Locklear but also compensation for the “emotional abuse” for being berated by the actor in front of her family and the police.

At this time, Flahavan isn’t talking about the case other than to say that his concern at this time is only for his client’s well-being.

Friends of Heather Locklear are now saying that they believe that she has finally hit rock bottom and is ready to accept help for her addiction and mental health problems.

One friend, in particular, says she hopes Locklear will get help because her daughter Ava has been very concerned with her mother’s health and safety.

“Heather is hitting rock bottom and her daughter and other family members are seriously concerned for her health and well-being. It breaks her daughter’s heart that Heather has been in so much trouble recently, and Ava has been pleading with her mom to get help.”

She explains that recent events have left Locklear depressed which led to a spiral effect. The friend says that the behavior you read about in the news lately is not the Heather Locklear that she knows.