Thomas Ravenel’s ‘Southern Charm’ Girlfriend Steps Up Attacks On Patricia Altschul

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Many people have taken the day off for Independence Day, but it seems that Twitter feuds don’t take a holiday, even if they are somewhat one-sided. Southern Charm might not be on this week, but Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend isn’t taking a break when it comes to the grudge she holds along with Ravenel against Patricia Altschul.

Lalate News says Ravenel and company have gone after Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, and Chelsea Meissner on camera, but the issues with Patricia Altschul and her son Whitney Sudler-Smith (the show’s executive producer) developed later after the Southern Charm finale, but before the reunion was filmed.

Lalate says that Ravenel’s frequent plus one was angered when rumors surfaced that she would not be invited to be on the show for Season 6.

“But it has been all fireworks in her recent comments about Southern Charm after rumors that producers and the network do not want Jacobs back for next season. (Jacobs was uncredited last season and is reported to have been unpaid for principal photography of the regular season as well).”

But for some reason, Ravenel and his girlfriend believe Altschul is leading the charge against them, and she (he has gone silent since Charleston Police announced that he was under investigation for rape and sexual assault) is calling out Mrs. Altschul about her age, her fiance, and the show itself.

Ravenel’s girlfriend has even mentioned that she has filed a report with the FBI over negative comments on social media (this has not been confirmed). But what is on the record is a cease and desist in place against Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend for harassing a friend of Altschul’s Luzanne Otte.

But receiving the cease and desist has also changed the focus onto Altschul who also introduced Otte to Ravenel, and they dated briefly when Ravenel was on a break from the hospice nurse. She has called Altschul “petty” and signed tweets #pettypat.

She also commented on Altschul’s age in reference to her alleged behavior.

“Enough was enough. I expect this from a 33-year-old (kinda?) but an almost 80 year women. NOPE?? #HiPatricia. Did you post that on Patricia’s page… Why don’t you beg Pat…Do you not care for pettyPat? She needs your help.”

Thank you Dr. Maguire for supporting our little #southerncharm #endeavor

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Granted much of it doesn’t make sense, but then Ravenel’s girlfriend called Altschul “deranged.”

“Maybe because she’s a deranged women [sic]. Maybe you could tell her to read the book she wrote on southern gentility and class.”

Thomas Ravenel started this feud back in February when Thomas said publicly that Altschul was “going after” him. Fans of Southern Charm had a hard time believing this and the blog posts Ravenel shared and commented on Twitter.

“I have a hard time believing Mrs. A would ‘go after’ anyone. We’ve seen her shun someone who physically & verbally attacked her only child, so I can believe if Mrs. A has a reason not to like someone she may make it known. ‘Going after’ someone is not her style.”

Patricia Altschul responded positively.

“Thank you… you are absolutely correct.”

Back before Ravenel handed the reins of his social media over to a “crisis team,” someone asked him on Instagram why he was no longer friends with Patricia and Whitney, and why he and his plus one had been making disparaging posts about them. He claimed they were never his friends.

“But the flip side is that it also reveals who people really are. I didn’t lose Whitney and Pat as friends. They were never really friends to begin with and this show [Southern Charm] brought that to light.”

With the Southern Charm finale airing next week, things will likely get worse before they get better.