Donald Trump Banned From U.K. City By Its Lord Mayor Ahead Of Official State Visit

Andrew Harrer-PoolGetty Images

Donald Trump has been called many things, but this might be the first time that he’s been called a “wasteman” by a British Lord Mayor. As BBC News reports, Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, used the term to describe the U.S. president and “banned” him from the city. “Wasteman” is a common British insult and is roughly the equivalent to “loser” in American slang.

According to the BBC, Magid made the pronouncement on Twitter and at a Sheffield City Council meeting. He issued his Trump ban while wearing a sombrero which he said was in solidarity with the people of Mexico.

“I Magid Magid, lord mayor & first citizen of this city hereby declare that not only is Donald J Trump a WASTEMAN, but he is also henceforth banned from the great city of Sheffield!” Magid tweeted, mimicking Trump’s style of capitalizing words that he wants to emphasize.

He went on to declare that July 13 will be Mexico Solidarity Day in Sheffield.

But the likelihood of him being truly able to ban Trump from the city is doubtful. The council can’t prevent someone from entering the city but they can decide to “condemn” the opinions expressed by an individual or group.

Magid used his Twitter page to outline the reasons for his Trump ban which included Trump’s own ban on Muslim immigrants, moving the U.S Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, his less than decisive attitude towards white supremacists, and the family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.

He also offered “ways we can beat Trump,” like participating in protests against the U.S. government and its policies, donating to organizations that fight said policies, and pressuring politicians to take a stand against the president.

Magid Magid, a 28-year-old Somali refugee and Green Party councilor, was elected Lord Mayor in May. He’s the youngest person to receive the title in Sheffield, the Huffington Post reports.

Magid invited Mexican dancers to perform at the city council meeting where he issued his unofficial Donald Trump ban.

Donald Trump is scheduled to make his first state visit to the United Kingdom later this month. While there, he will meet Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II. The Mirror reports that there are massive protests planned to “welcome” him to the U.K., so most of his appearances and meetings will be held outside of the capital city. He will meet the queen at Windsor Castle, the same place where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married in May. His sit-down with the prime minister will happen at her country retreat in Chequers.