Donald Trump Is Incapable Of Reading A Book, Ghostwriter For 'Art Of The Deal' Claims

Nathan Francis

One day after Donald Trump wrote a misspelled tweet bragging about his writing abilities, the ghostwriter for his best selling book The Art Of The Deal shot back --- saying Trump is incapable of even reading a book.

On Monday, Trump took to Twitter to bash the critics who took on his frequent misspellings and grammatically incorrect tweets, defending his abilities in a post that also had some misspellings. In response, writer and longtime Trump critic Tony Schwartz said that Trump is not only unable to write, he can't read very well either.

Schwartz has frequently criticized Donald Trump, including saying he believes the president will quit at some point when the heat gets too much, especially over the Russia investigation. Schwartz has also frequently pointed out that Trump had very little to do with writing the book that bore his name, leaving all the work to his ghostwriter.

This week, Trump has gotten widespread criticism for the tweet trying to defend his writing abilities. Trump criticized the "Fake News" media, saying the "poured" over his tweets looking for misspellings. The correct word Trump was looking for was "pored," which means to carefully inspect. Trump also wrote "bestselling" to describe his books rather than the correct "best selling."

In the tweet, Trump also explained his bizarre approach to capitalizing seemingly random words in his tweets.

"After having written many best selling books, and somewhat priding myself on my ability to write, it should be noted that the Fake News constantly likes to pour over my tweets looking for a mistake. I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!" Trump wrote.

As the Independent noted, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was amused at Trump's mistakes, tweeting "haha" in successive responses to Trump. She also referred to Trump as the "Gratest Writer on earth."