‘Fast & Furious’ Spinoff To Star The Rock & ‘The Crown’s’ Vanessa Kirby

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Vanessa Kirby reluctantly gave up her Princess Margaret gloves and hat from The Crown and moved on to a project with a little more action. Kirby lamented that she had to say goodbye to the sister of Queen Elizabeth before season three of The Crown when the real temper tantrums complete with plate throwing happen.

Vanity Fair says that she even asked Peter Morgan, the creator of The Crown if she could get in one action scene as Princess Margaret.

“I was so desperate to do further on… because it’s going to be so fun [to enact] when their marriage starts to break down. I kept saying to [series creator Peter Morgan], ‘Can’t you put in an episode where Margaret and Tony have a big row, and she throws a plate at his head?’ I’m so envious of the actress [Helena Bonham Carter] who gets to do it.”

But it sounds like Kirby is leaving the kind of stunts seen in an English costume drama for some seriously strenuous ones of the Fast & Furious variety. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going to reprise his role as Special Agent Luke Hobbs and Vanessa Kirby is to play the sister of Jason Statham’s Shaw, an MI-5 agent.

The world didn’t hear about this from Vanessa Kirby’s social media, but Dwayne Johnson’s, and he sure sounded enthusiastic on Twitter

“Welcome the very talented @VanessaKirby to our ‘HOBBS & SHAW’ Fast & Furious spin-off. We chopped it up and we had some GREAT chemistry together. She’s a sharp one—this is gonna be fun! #Kirby #HobbsAndShaw.”

Keep your fingers crossed and Hobbs & Shaw might also feature Dame Helen Mirren as Kirby’s character’s mother, Magdalene Shaw.

David Leitch, who will be directing Hobbs & Shaw says that the movie will have some of the Fast & Furious flavor, but will be able to stand on its own, according to Anglophenia. He says it will contain “some of the DNA of the Fast universe” while bringing to the table “something fresh and different for these characters.”

“Hobbs and Shaw come from the agent-and-spy world. It’s obviously about their banter and their relationship, but it’s more about expanding their world and their connections and creating a family in a slightly different universe. It’s going to be fun.”

Vanessa Kirby will be a welcome member of the Shaw family if her portrayal of Princess Margaret is any indication. Kirby’s Princess Margaret spoke her mind, even when she was addressing her sister, Queen Elizabeth, so she should hold her own against The Rock, right?