Prince Charles Plans To Confront Friend Who Trashed Meghan Markle’s Family, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

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Prince Charles won’t have anyone trashing his newest family member, even if it is a longtime friend who did it.

One day after reports that Charles’ longtime friend Nicky Haslam trashed Meghan Markle’s family as “common,” a new report from Hollywood Life claims that Charles plans to push back. The report noted that Prince Charles planned to set things straight with his friend and protect his new daughter-in-law from the bad press that’s come as a result.

“Prince Charles will definitely be stepping in to have a word with Nicky about his comments concerning Meghan and her family, as it’s just not on,” the celebrity news outlet quoted a so-called palace insider. “Charles has been pretty disturbed by a lot of the press recently, and he thinks there’s been a definite snobby undertone to some of the reporting, albeit very subtle.”

The Daily Mail reported that Nicky Haslam said it was good that Meghan Markle’s father was not able to make it to the royal wedding in May, as it would have only caused more embarrassment.

“They’re frightfully common,” Haslam reportedly said. “It would have been awful if that huge lump [Meghan’s father] had been there. The royals probably don’t quite know how to deal with them.”

Haslam, an interior designer, had some harsh words for Meghan as well.

“I didn’t very much like her dress — it didn’t fit, among other things,” he adds. “It should have been made of thinner stuff, it seemed to be made of concrete.”

There had been much attention on Meghan’s family in the lead-up to the wedding, especially after her father was caught staging photos of his preparation for the paparazzi. Thomas Markle ultimately had to stay home after suffering a minor heart attack in the days before the wedding, and reports indicate that the relationship between him and Meghan has become increasingly strained.

Meghan has been the focus of a number of reports — especially among British tabloids — that she is having a difficult time adjusting to royal life, especially the strict protocol for public behavior.

It wouldn’t seem out of place for Prince Charles to go the extra mile in defending Meghan Markle. Reports indicated that he was especially accommodating to Meghan’s family in the lead-up to the royal wedding. As Harpers Bazaar noted, Prince Charles also connected well with Meghan’s mom during the wedding, walking arm in arm as she walked down the steps of the church after the ceremony.