Two More Suspected In The Slaying Of Bronx Teenager Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

Bebeto MatthewsAP Images

Two more suspects have been arrested in the brutal murder of teenager Lesandro Guzman-Feliz outside of a Bronx bodega last month. The murder, which occurred around 11:30 p.m. on June 20, has garnered national attention, with security footage from the bodega and cell phone video recordings of the incident trending on social media. According to the New York Times, police have arrested 29-year-old Diego Suero, who was aware of the murder, and 26-year-old Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, who drove a handful of the others suspected of the crime. Suero has been charged with murder, conspiracy, and gang assault. Ramirez Concepcion has been charged with murder, manslaughter, gang assault, and criminal possession.

Suero and Ramirez Concepcion were both booked and questioned late Tuesday night at the 48th Precinct in the Bronx. Currently, the two men are awaiting arraignment in the Bronx Criminal Court. It is unknown who their lawyers are.

Guzman-Feliz’s murder is just one in a number of increasing incidences of “tit-for-tat street violence” happening in New York City. Many, if not all, involved with the murder are believed to be apart of the Trinitarios, a fast-growing Dominican street gang with territory throughout the eastern seaboard and greater New York. Since the beginning, police have believed that the Trinitarios members were out that night “hunting their enemies” and “looking to exact revenge” when they ran into Guzman-Felize, who was near his own home when he was attacked. Investigators believe Guzman-Feliz’s death is a tragic case of mistaken identity, that the Trinitarios members believed him to be a member of a rival gang when they began to chase him. Guzman-Feliz was cornered in the bodega when he was dragged outside and stabbed multiple times with a machete beneath the bodega’s awning.

Though he survived the initial attack and attempted to run to St. Barnabas Hospital, only a block away, he collapsed on the sidewalk. Though the crew of a city ambulance picked him up off the sidewalk, Guzman-Feliz died shortly thereafter. Though the investigation is still “very active” and “ongoing,” investigators are still unsure as to who the Trinitario members mistook Guzman-Feliz for.

The teenager’s death has sparked sorrow and outrage from local residents and celebrities alike. Pop music icon Rhianna posted about the murder on her Instagram page, saying she’s praying for his families healing. Hip-hop star Cardi B, a Bronx native, has donated $8,000 to the Justice For Junior GoFundMe campaign.