New Video Footage Emerges Of The Thai Soccer Team Trapped In A Cave

Linh PhamGetty Images

Ever since the search for a missing Thai soccer team commenced on June 23 after the group entered a cave in Thailand, the world has been mesmerized by the story, hoping against all hope that the group would be found safe and well. Then, nine days after they first got trapped thanks to floodwaters within the cave system, two British divers managed to locate the group and confirm that the 12 boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their assistant coach, 25, were all alive.

The world rejoiced along with the families of those still trapped inside the cave. While frail-looking in the video shown in this previous Inquisitr article, the boys appeared in good spirits as they asked for food and inquired as to whether they could go home yet.

Efforts then turned to how the Thai soccer team would be rescued from the cave now that the monsoon season was in full force. As yet, it is still unclear just how the boys will be rescued and it may just be a matter of the group having to wait it out for up to four months, according to this Inquisitr article, while the monsoon season passes.

With safety confirmed for the Thai soccer team that has been located, a medical team has gone in to assess the group. Much needed food supplies have also been sent in while the situation is assessed. Along with the supplies and support to assist the group, a system is being installed that will see the group being able to talk to their loved ones shortly.

The Thai soccer team introduce themselves and give traditional Thai greeting from inside the cave system where they are trapped
Featured image credit: Linh PhamGetty Images

And now, new video footage has also emerged of the Thai soccer team according to Time.

The video footage, shared by the Thai Navy SEALs involved in the rescue, is from July 3 and shows the many of the boys wrapped in silver emergency blankets. Each boy introduces himself and says “Sawadee krap,” as they put their hands together in “wai,” which is the traditional Thai greeting according to Time.

When one boy asks if he can get something to eat, the cameraman replies with “You guys are about to get a meal.”

The Thai soccer team apparently entered the Tham Luang cave in Thailand after practice on June 23 in what was supposed to be a half-day trek. However, rain and flooding blocked their exit and they became trapped in the cave system. Since then, more than 1,000 people have been involved in the rescue mission.

You can view the new footage of the trapped Thai soccer team below.