LeBron James Gets An Unusual Welcome From California Congressman

LeBron James has received an unusual welcome to California from Rep. Devin Nunes who is warning the recently signed Los Angeles Lakers forward about property taxes.

On Sunday news broke that the four-time NBA MVP signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers. James received a warm welcome from the California Democratic Party on Twitter which wrote, "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Nunes, the Republican congressman who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, responded to the tweet by telling James to prepare for the high taxes he will have to pay in the state.

"LOL! Prepare to pay the highest taxes you ever have in your career," Nunes responded to the tweet Sunday. "You should have held out for more just to afford the Moonbeam weather tax!!!"

James has received more of a warm welcome from future Hall of Famer and former Lakers star Kobe Bryant. In an interview on ESPN and ESPN Radio Monday, Bryant insisted that he will do whatever he can to help James bring his beloved team a championship.

"I spoke to (LeBron) during the playoffs and then I talked to him last night, right after the decision. I told him, 'Welcome to the family, man,'" Bryant revealed on the program. "It sounds crazy but I said, 'Dude, you are part of the family now. So anything you need on my end, I got you. Whatever the case may be, I am here for you.'"

Bryant went on to wish James and his family well in their transition from Cleveland to Los Angeles and said he was looking forward to seeing them. The five-time championship-winning guard expressed the importance of helping "your brothers" do well.

After playing in the league for two decades and spending his entire career with the Lakers, Bryant said it was time for somebody else to have their run on the team.

"That is what the Lakers have always been about," he said.

Bryant recalled how Hall of Fame Lakers guard Magic Johnson once welcomed him to the team with open arms. Now, Johnson is president of basketball operations for the team.

According to ESPN reports, he was instrumental in bringing James on board to play for the team. James reportedly assured Johnson that the team's management did not have to rush to find pieces that would instantly transform the team into a contender for an NBA title because he is looking to stay with the team for the long haul.