Butterbeer Ice Cream Is Real And You Can Purchase It Now From Universal Studios

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Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan will attest to the arguably most-loved flavor of the wizarding world: Butterbeer. In the books this flavor belongs to an actual beverage available in the wizarding universe, and even before the flavor was brought to life in the real world, J.K. Rowling’s descriptions of Butterbeer had readers drooling.

Over the years since the Harry Potter books were released, there have been attempts to replicate the flavor, described by Rowling as tasting “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch,” according to a magazine interview she did with Bon Appetit in 2012.

Online sources such as the Food Network have attempted to create this Harry Potter delight. So many outlets, in fact, have created their own recipes that Bustle has also compiled what they consider to be the top 7 recipes for Butterbeer beverages.

Now, Universal Studios Hollywood has brought Butterbeer to life at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. According to E! Online, Butterbeer ice cream will now be available from their Hollywood location. The Harry Potter treats will be available all year round.

According to the report, Universal Studio’s Butterbeer ice cream tastes akin to “shortbread and butterscotch.” The ice cream will be available “at Three Broomsticks or one of the carts located throughout Hogsmeade.”

The announcement of the addition of Butterbeer ice cream at Universal Studios Hollywood was originally made via a press release via NBC Universal on June 28.

“The rich palate-pleasing Butterbeer-flavored hard pack ice cream is a delightful and delicious new addition to the menu of Butterbeer items currently available, including such Butterbeer favorites as traditional, frozen and hot beverages, as well as Butterbeer Potted Cream and Butterbeer Fudge.”

As revealed in the above statement, this is not the first time Butterbeer ice cream has been featured at Universal Studios. Universal Studios in Orlando serves a Butterbeer soft serve. However, the new Butterbeer ice cream is “hard-packed and is exclusive to the Hollywood theme park,” according to E! Online. In addition, Universal Studios Orlando also serves a Butterbeer beverage.

According to Bustle, other Harry Potter-inspired treats available at Universal Studios Hollywood include Pumpkin Fizz, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Exploding Bon Bons.

For those that aren’t able to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, the Wizarding World website offers some recipes for Butterbeer that you can make at home.

Finally, for those concerned that Butterbeer ice cream may contain alcohol, please rest assured it is a family-friendly treat and no alcohol is present in the product.