Royal Rules: Kate Middleton Isn’t Allowed To Compete In Public Marathons, And Here’s Why

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Royal etiquette rules have been in the spotlight since Meghan Markle joined the royal family ranks. For Markle, there is a swath of new rules that need to be adhered to, some strictly, others more informally. From not being able to eat garlic at royal functions to whether or not she can wear nail polish, the new royal has come under some close scrutiny. This was especially true recently when she crossed her legs at a function rather than adapting the usual “duchess slant” according to this previous Inquisitr article. Of course, it turned out the “duchess slant” is the preferred royal sitting style rather than a rule set in stone.

However, even for more seasoned royals like Kate Middleton, there are still royal rules they must adhere to. In fact, there are also lifestyle choices that the royals have to give up entirely. Take Kate for example. As Hello Magazine recently pointed out, Kate Middleton is not allowed to run at public marathons. And it is a rule that covers all members of the royal family, not just Middleton.

In a recent interview with Loose Women, it was revealed the reason why Kate Middleton, and other members of the royal family, can’t compete in public marathons. Kate and her sister, Pippa Middleton, are avid runners. In fact, Pippa ran her first marathon in Kenya in 2015. But for Kate, the marathon is an event she can no longer participate in for security reasons.

When Kate’s friend, Bryony Gordon, appeared on Loose Women, she revealed this reason when asked about the royal connection. Bryony Gordon explained that she first met the Duchess during the London Marathon in 2017. While Kate wasn’t competing, Gordon asked her about whether she would ever run a marathon. When Kate Middleton revealed that she couldn’t for “security reasons,” Gordon then teased, “If I can do the marathon, you can.”

Kate Middleton -- and other royals -- are not able to participate in public marathons for security reasons
Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry, participate in a training day at the London Marathon 2017Featured image credit: Chris JacksonGetty Images

Of course, Kate couldn’t — and didn’t — compete in the London Marathon last year. However, she did manage a short dash during the 100-meter sprint alongside Prince William and Prince Harry. This was during a “training day for runners taking part in the marathon and was also there to cheer on the participants on the day itself.”

As to be expected, this royal rule involving marathon racing is based entirely on safety. While the royals are loved by many, there are others who would be happy to do them harm. Therefore, running in an event such as a public marathon would be a logistical nightmare in relation to keeping the royals participating safe. Alternatively, it is likely royal members, who so choose, could still run the marathon distance. However, it would have to be done privately and likely with allocated security guards present for optimum safety.