Columnist Shares Scandalous Post Claiming Asia Argento’s ‘Ties’ To Witchcraft Caused Anthony Bourdain’s Death

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

As reported by Raw Story, Rod Dreher, a conservative Christian columnist known for his controversial public posts, shared a piece titled “The Darkness That Captured Bourdain” which basically stated that the famed chef and television host’s death directly correlates to an alleged tie between girlfriend Asia Argento and witchcraft.

The post was Dreher’s attempt to compile some sort of evidence that proves this outlandish claim, stating “Lo, it turns out that his girlfriend Asia Argento is a witch, and not just a casual one either. There’s lots of extreme darkness there, right in the open. She flaunts it. Bourdain, the poor fool, was doomed the day he met her.”

From then on, the columnist went on to try to link the situation to an omnipresence of Lucifer and an alleged general decline of Christianity, adding, “This is exactly where we are as a post-Christian culture: we have usurped the powers of binding and loosening from God.”

He further wrote, “The Satanists admit what the rest of us cloak as advanced liberty and self-determination.”

In response to these extremely controversial claims, droves of people immediately began firing back at the conservative writer, telling him that he has no grounds to blame Argento for Bourdain taking his own life, to which he responded with the quip “Um, no, I don’t think Asia Argento killed Anthony Bourdain.”

Dreher then said, “Come on. I think the darkness around her did an already unstable and depressive man any good at all.”

Since then, he has removed the original post from his column, issuing this statement, “I took down the Bourdain post because it was being widely interpreted as disrespectful to Bourdain’s memory. I apologize; that was not my intent. I’m a big admirer of his, and do not want to insult him inadvertently.” Despite its removal, the post can still be viewed here in an archive format.

Jezebel further reports that Dreher’s actions could potentially have been brought on by Argento’s widely publicized condemnation of Harvey Weinstein, who had allegedly sexually abused her and countless other women in cinema throughout his career. Dreher also cites an article from Vigilant Citizen which alleges that Argento’s hand motions are of an occult nature, as well as some older posts shared by the actress that appear to be related to witchcraft.

Bourdain, 61, had taken his own life in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France, on June 8 while in the country filming an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown with his close friend, French-born chef Eric Ripert.