John Stamos' Newborn Son In A Guitar Case Will Make Your Day

Emmy-Award-nominated actor and producer John Stamos has continued to captivate his audiences throughout the years with his multifaceted performances, but more recently he's charming his followers on social media with adorable pictures of his newly born son.

As many fans already know, actor John Stamos became a father in April of this year. Shortly after his wife gave birth, he shared an Instagram photo of his new son Billy Stamos, who is named after his father, on April 16. At the time, he stated that the best part of him will forever be his wife, Caitlin McHugh, and his son.

The Inquisitr recently reported that after two months of sharing several photos taken from the back side of his son, hiding Billy's face from the camera, the Fuller House star and producer shared an adorable full-face photograph in celebration of his first Father's Day. At that time, John Stamos captioned the photo with a sweet and heartfelt message.

"My first Father's Day means that I don't have to hand a kid back to the parents when someone yells cut. It means when people ask me if I'm a father, I don't have to use the goofy line, 'No, but I play one on TV.' My first Father's Day means that from this day forward— I will start to look my age (and older)."
Stamos went on to say that the most important part about his son's birth is that he will forever be known as someone's dad, and that is everything he has wanted out of life.This July 4th, America's national Independence Day celebration has once again welcomed Stamos back to host the PBS celebration. The actor arrived with his family in D.C. and documented the occasion with another special post to his Instagram account.

John Stamos took to social media this afternoon to share yet another absolutely adorable photo of his son. The pic gives John Stamos' Instagram followers their second glimpse of Billy's chubby little cheeks, captioning his post with a simple "Looks like we got a stowaway." During the trip to D.C., Billy Stamos somehow ended up in a guitar case.

A lovable video attachment, sure to make anyone's day, is also included in the original Instagram post. The response by Stamos' followers has been massive with over 100,000 likes and cheeky comments that range from "Hunka Hunka burning love" to "Have Mercy."

The 38th annual Independence Day concert airs on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, at 8/7c on PBS.