Mark Wahlberg Goes Shirtless, Shows Off Abs As He Celebrates LeBron-Lakers Pairing & Teases It’ll Help Celtics

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

LeBron James has decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and head to the Los Angeles Lakers, and this topic has generated a lot of buzz in recent days. Many people are celebrating James’ decision, and actor Mark Wahlberg is one of those NBA fans who are apparently thrilled by the move. However, his excitement isn’t due to LeBron’s impending presence in California where the actor lives with his family.

Anybody who follows Mark Wahlberg knows that he is a Boston guy. Despite living in Los Angeles now, Mark still considers himself a Massachusetts guy through and through. That means that he is a Celtics fan, and it seems that he thinks his team will get a leg up now by LeBron heading west. People notes that the 47-year-old actor struck a pose in celebration and shared the shirtless moment via his Instagram to make his point.

In the Instagram post, Wahlberg is standing on top of a desk in an office with his shirt off. Mark is showing off his abs and strong arms as he says that the Celtics will dominate in the East for a long time to come. The actor’s six-pack was prominent as he struck a pose and he is obviously thrilled that his Celtics will perhaps be able to utilize this move as an opportunity on their end.

“Congrats @kingjames going to the Lakers. @celtics will now run the East for a LONG TIME. #allthewayup”

Some might argue that LeBron’s move is ultimately something of a win-win for Wahlberg. His passion for the Celtics is still in place, there is no doubt about that. However, Mark has attended more than a few Lakers games in his day as well, so it’s not as if he’s crushed to see James now playing for his California team. The actor has been seen over the years with his wife, Rhea Durham, by his side at the stadium, as well as taking in games with sons Brendan and Michael or with friends.

Wahlberg’s “Marky Mark” and “Good Vibrations” days are far behind him at this point, as are his Calvin Klein modeling days. However, the actor is clearly still in fantastic condition and he’s been known to go shirtless and showcase his abs via his Instagram page every once in a while. Will Mark Wahlberg’s Celtics get a boost next season thanks to LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cavaliers and head to the Lakers, or will the actor be eating his words? For many fans, it doesn’t matter all that much, as long as he doesn’t delete that shirtless selfie of his.

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