‘The Bachelorette’ 2018 Spoilers: Becca Kufrin’s Trip To The Bahamas Determines Her 4 Hometown Date Recipients

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Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 season brought some key eliminations for Becca Kufrin. She is down to just six last guys and her next dates will determine who gets hometowns. What spoilers are available for Episode 7 set in the Bahamas?

ABC teases that there are three individual outings for Becca Kufrin during this July 9 show along with one group date. The site says that each date will have one rose to be given out, which is a change from the standard process. Most of the time, the one-on-ones at this stage do not have roses available. It isn’t uncommon for one person to be eliminated on an outing during this final six episode, but it looks as if things are headed in a slightly different direction this time.

The first date for Becca in the Bahamas will go to Colton Underwood. The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Kufrin and Underwood will ride around in a catamaran and search for conch shells in the water. The sparks will definitely fly, and they’ll share a romantic dinner together in the evening. Colton will reveal a secret to Becca that he’s worried about revealing to her, and it sounds as if this will probably be the big virginity discussion. Apparently, this won’t fluster Becca, as Colton is said to get a rose.

Garrett Yrigoyen gets the second one-on-one in the Week 6 show and he will get to go on a seaplane ride with Becca. The plane will take them to a private island and things will definitely be romantic. The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that things will get somewhat serious during dinner, as Kufrin seeks a better understanding of Yrigoyen’s past romances. Previews show that Becca and Garrett will have a sizzling romp in the ocean during the evening and it will likely surprise nobody to hear that he will receive a rose.

The final one-on-one goes to Blake Horstmann, and he definitely needs this opportunity. Blake and Becca had a great individual date together early in the season, but they need to see if the fireworks are still there. The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that they will spend time walking on the beach together and they will check out some music from the Baha Men, who are originally from the area. Kufrin and Horstmann will do some dancing and later open up to one another during dinner. Once again, this date reportedly leads to a rose.

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That means that Wills Reid, Jason Tartick, and Leo Dottavio end up on the group date with Kufrin. The quartet will play beach volleyball, and Bachelorette spoilers detail that the setting lightens the mood somewhat. However, it sounds as if all three guys know that the stakes are high with only one rose remaining.

“However, the suspense still hangs heavy in the air as each man’s fate is decided, leaving two utterly heartbroken.”

As was previously reported by gossip king Reality Steve and shared via the Inquisitr, Wills and Leo are said to be eliminated by Becca. Reality Steve even teased that at the point that this date happened, Jason’s family had already been contacted by producers to arrange his hometown date. Given that, Wills and Leo really wouldn’t have even had a shot at getting that rose and hometown, although it’s possible that Kufrin would have shaken things up with a sudden change of heart.

Based on the Bachelorette spoilers from ABC, there will be no cocktail party or rose ceremony in the Bahamas because there is no need. From there, Becca Kufrin will travel to meet the families and the buzz is that a familiar face will be popping up again that could shake up the next elimination. Additional spoilers will emerge as the Episode 7 air date of July 9 approaches and fans will be dying to see what comes next.