Evangeline Lilly Reacts To ‘Lost’ Reboot Rumors

Joran StraussInvision/AP Images

There have been a lot of reboots lately, but one show that seems to be stuck in the rumor stage is ABC’s cult-hit, Lost, which starred Evangeline Lilly. Now, as her feature film Ant-Man and The Wasp prepares to hit theaters, the beautiful actress weighs in on how she feels about those rumors, reports TVLine.

While some reboots, like the recently announced Charmed one, plan to go with an entirely new cast, the rumors for Lost are for the original cast, of which Lilly was a part for the entire six-year run of the show, to move the show forward. But if that happens, it looks like it will have to be without Lilly in her pivotal role as Kate.

“There’s a rumor every year that they are going to reboot Lost,” the actress tells Entertainment Weekly. “The thing about reboots and remakes is that I don’t like them in general, period.” While she admits she wishes they’d leave the Star Wars universe alone, though she did like Rogue One, she is adamant about how she feels regarding the attempt to do it with her show. “I feel like it’s just tainting something that’s precious. I’ve said I don’t want to do things in the past and I’ve done them — you know, never say never — but sitting where I am today, my assumption is no.”


For most fans of the sci-fi series, that means don’t even bother trying if you’re not going to have Kate on board. The character was integral to the show, as her relationships with both Jack, played by Matthew Fox, and Sawyer, portrayed by Josh Holloway, took center stage during the series’ run. She was an incredibly strong protagonist who didn’t necessarily feel the need to always color within the lines, making her fascinating to watch. Then again, it doesn’t seem like fans need to worry too much. TVLine spoke with the head of ABC, Channing Dungey, back in January about the chances for the show making a comeback.

“We have not had any official discussions about that,” the exec maintained. “It’s something that’s on a list of, ‘Wouldn’t that be great if…,’ but at this point it’s only at that place,” she shared.

Speculation apparently started after the show’s former co-showrunner, Carlton Cuse, returned to ABC Studios with a deal to create new projects for them. “Dungey, however, said at the time that she had not connected with Cuse about resurrecting Lost,” reported TVLine.