‘Days Of Our Lives’ July 3: Leo Is Dead, Sonny & Will Dispose Of Their Problem, Stefan Follows Gabi [Recap]

Scott KirklandInvision/AP

Today’s July 3 episode of Days of Our Lives begins in the town square where Abby is waiting for Gabi to arrive with the toothbrush containing Stefan’s DNA.

In a previous episode of Days, Gabi entered the DiMera mansion to retrieve a sample of Stefan’s DNA. He caught her walking down the stairs and became suspicious. Stefan followed Gabi when she left. After the two women talk for a few moments, Stefan shows himself.

Gabi works for DiMera Enterprises and is on company time. Stefan wants to know what she is doing in the square with Abby when she is supposed to be at the office. Before Gabi can say anything, Abby reaches into her purse, where she placed the sample and pulls out one of Thomas’s toys. She claimed that she wanted to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation with Stefan so she asked Gabi to bring it to her.

Gabi leaves the square and Abby stays behind to talk to Stefan.

Stefan tells Abby that he is happy she is back and doing well, but he does miss Abby’s alternate personality, Gabi (Gabigail). She informs Stefan that Gabigail has been integrated into her and she remembers the love that they shared together.

Stefan asks Abby if the love for him has simply disappeared or if it is still inside her head or heart. Abby shuts him down, claiming that it’s done, asking him to leave her alone. He claims that he loves and cares about her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

After leaving the town square, Abby heads straight to the hospital. Kayla is excited to see Abby and asks how she is doing. Abby reaches into her purse and pulls out the DNA samples of the two potential fathers and states, “it depends on this.”

Kayla’s office is busy with visitors in today’s episode of Days. Marlena went to see her Matron of Honor, seeking an opinion on wedding dresses. The topic of Stefano’s reign of terror arises and Kayla tells her friend that she has been doing business with his son.

Kayla confides in Marlena that she “made a deal with the Devil” to help Steve. She tells Marlena that she owed Stefan a favor in exchange for the bionic eye technology. She doesn’t want to implicate Marlena with details who warns Kayla that with a broken heart, Stefan is more dangerous than ever.

Steve and John are talking about the bionic eye over drinks at the Brady Pub. Steve has a gut feeling that something is going on with Kayla. He fears that Kayla is hiding things from him in regards to the eye.

“I just hope that, if I do get my sight back, I don’t hear the same pain in Kayla’s eyes that I have been hearing in her voice.”

On the other side of town, Kate is talking to Chad about Leo and the fact that she hasn’t heard from him. If Victor learns of Kate’s involvement in the sexual harassment case, he will go after her with guns blazing. Paul shows up at the table and informs them that Black Patch is “still digging” to find out who Leo has been working for. Having second thoughts, Kate wishes she hadn’t ever gotten involved with Leo in the first place.

Chad leaves and Gabby, who has just arrived, wants to talk to Kate. On previous episodes of Days of Our Lives, Gabi ran into Kate at the DiMera mansion. Gabi makes the shocking revelation that she overheard Stefan and Kate’s conversation. She knows Stefan has something hanging over Kate’s head and she wants to know what it is.

Will and Sonny are at the Kiriakis mansion with Leo. During a recent struggle between the Days of Our Live‘s characters, Leo was pushed into the corner of a fireplace mantle. Will confirms that Leo is, in fact, dead.

Sonny, who didn’t mean to kill him, is panicking. Will assures him that it was an accident and wants to go to the police but Sonny stops him. The man suing him for sexual harassment for millions of dollars is now dead in Sonny’s living room, by his hand. There is no way Sonny is going to the police for this.

This will be the final nail in Titan’s coffin. There isn’t any way to go public with this so Sonny opts to get rid of the body. Sonny tries to throw Will out of the mansion so that he doesn’t get involved. Will doesn’t like this situation, but he isn’t going anywhere. They have to act fast and decide to roll Leo’s body up in the rug.

At this point, Will admits to Sonny that he remembers portions of their life together, but they don’t have time to talk about it right now.

In the meantime, Paul heads to Will’s room and when he can’t find him there, he calls. Sonny tells Will not to answer his phone. He doesn’t want to get another person involved in the mess.

During the last scene of today’s July 3 episode of Days of Our Lives, Sonny decides to pull Leo’s car around to the back so that they can carry Leo’s body out through the garden. As he is opening the door, Paul is standing on the stoop poised to knock.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.