‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Weekly Sneak Peek Teases Fireworks For Fourth Of July With Surprises On The Way

Rick RowellABC

A new spoiler-filled General Hospital sneak peek teases that there are plenty of juicy moments coming up as the week continues. Kiki and Griffin’s secret may soon be exposed and Michael faces difficult choices when it comes to Nelle. Sonny may run into trouble thanks to Julian, and fans of Jason and Sam have great stuff to embrace.

A new sneak peek was shared via the show’s Twitter page and it shows that there will be fireworks blasting throughout Port Charles over the course of the next few episodes. Fans caught the bulk of these Fourth of July holiday moments at the end of Tuesday’s show it seems, as many Port Charles couples stepped outside to take in the fireworks. One of the tidbits that has fans on fire across social media is the moment with Sam, Jason, and Danny watching fireworks together from the bridge. This has been a long time coming, and while this may not quite be a full-blown “JaSam” reunion, it’s a start.

General Hospital spoilers from the teaser for Thursday’s show reveals that Sam’s divorce from Drew will be official and this finally frees Sam to perhaps start fresh with Jason. Kiki and Griffin are facing fireworks of a different sort, however, when they have a heated discussion about the night they spent together.

So far, nobody other than Kiki and Griffin knows about that drunken fling. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Griffin will tell Kiki that he thinks they should tell Ava, and naturally, Kiki looks horrified and surely doesn’t want to go that route. Unfortunately, it looks like Scott may be lingering nearby and overhears their conversation, and this certainly puts him in an awkward position.

Chase is seen telling Michael that he needs to die, but this isn’t said in a threatening manner by the look of things. Rather, it appears that Michael and Chase will be having a discussion that surely is about “Janelle” and what it’s going to take to bring her down once and for all. Will Chase propose that Michael fake his death somehow? That seems extreme and unlikely, but more details will emerge soon.

Sonny and Carly just shared some sweet moments together at Ferncliff, but he may be facing a new challenge. He is still trying to find the body from Croton and there is a theory swirling around that the body will end up being unearthed as Julian expands his business. The new clip shows Julian mentioning that he can handle whatever is buried in the walls, which most definitely sounds like foreshadowing that Mike may have hidden the dead body in the walls of what is now Charlie’s.

There has been talk that someone from Sonny’s past will reach out to him and it looks like this is Milo. It was revealed a while back that Drew Cheetwood was reprising his role as Milo Giambetti on General Hospital and it seems it’s finally time. Unfortunately, Milo is in tears and Sonny asks what he can do to help.

Ava and Julian will strategize about a plan she has while Franco will rant to Scott about someone, perhaps Bensch, being a sexual predator. Stella will tear into Griffin for seemingly imposing on others and General Hospital spoilers share that Oscar will confront his mom about how he thinks she’s wasting her time with Julian.

There is no new episode of General Hospital airing on Wednesday this week due to the holiday. However, the action kicks back into gear again on Thursday and spoilers suggest that there’s plenty of action yet to come this week.