Hilaria Baldwin Gets Beach Workout In, Looks Slim One Month Post-Pregnancy

New mom of four proves multitasking is a day at the beach.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

New mom of four proves multitasking is a day at the beach.

It’s only been a bit over a month since Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to her fourth child, and yet, she’s hard at work on her post-baby body.

According to a report from Daily Mail, the new mother of four managed some double duty as she gave her abs a workout while also spending some quality time with the family on the beach.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old wife of actor Alec Baldwin took three of her four children to the beach, Carmen, 4, Rafael, 3, and Leonardo, 1, and she multitasked while they played, and the yoga instructor also managed to share the mini workout with her Instagram followers.

Baldwin’s quick core workout garnered over 200,000 views in mere hours on the popular social media network. She posted the short video with the caption, “Abs on the beach with little builders (Carmen and Rafa) and one tiny merbaby (Leo). 5 of the first set and 10 of the second. 3 sets #wegotthis2018.”

She has this mothering thing down from the looks of things. While she did some core work as the waves gently rolled in, her kids played quietly in the sand filling up a little plastic bucket with small plastic shovels.

Later, she shared another sweet photo from the outing, which she captioned, “I love this photo so much. Carmen, Rafa, and Leo” complete with several emojis.

In May, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed their son Romeo into their sweet family going from a family of five to six in an instant. It’s hard to believe this fit and trim mom has four children under the age of five. She’s been busy with keeping fit and raising her little ones, and her helpful instructions on her core workout sets may help others who may or may not be new mothers get in a bit of quick ab work too. Sometimes even bouts of short workouts fit in wherever they can make a big difference in fitness.

Although some of her commenters were quick to say rude things about her taking a brief few seconds on the beach to focus on herself, the vast majority praised her for finding time to work in some fitness and setting an excellent example for her children who clearly played safely right next to her during the brief ab sets.

Overall, she’s showing that even in their 30s, women can stay fit and bounce back after pregnancy even when it’s a fourth.