Still-Pregnant Jinger Duggar Debuts Lighter Hair Color On Double Date With John David Duggar And Abbie Burnett

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Jinger Duggar could give birth any day now, but the Counting On star isn’t letting pregnancy prevent her from helping her older brother, John David Duggar, celebrate his new courtship. Jinger even made a big change to her look ahead of a double date with John David and his girlfriend, Abbie Burnett. However, as reported by In Touch Weekly, some fans are questioning the brunette’s decision to lighten her locks while she’s pregnant.

On Tuesday, Jinger Duggar, 24, took to Instagram to share her thoughts on John David’s big courtship announcement. At age 28, John David was the Duggar family’s oldest eligible bachelor before 26-year-old nurse Abbie Burnett came along and made him question his claim that he was going to remain a “bachelor ’til the rapture.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, John David and Abbie broke the news that they were courting last week, and Jinger seems to think that Abbie is having a positive effect on her older bro.

“His smile is a bit brighter these days,” the mother-to-be captioned an Instagram photo of herself, husband Jeremy Vuolo, John David Duggar, and Abbie Burnett.

One fan observed that it looks like the group’s photo was taken outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant. They were also dressed in their Sunday best for the outing. Jinger rocked a sophisticated black lace dress with a belt below the bust that accentuated her still-present baby bump. She accessorized her outfit with her baby’s heartbeat necklace and a pair of diamond-shaped dangle earrings. Abbie also wore a dark dress, but hers was splashed with a colorful pink floral print. She wore a lightweight, short-sleeved cardigan over the garment. Both of the gals’ dates dressed up in button-up shirts tucked into khaki pants.

His smile is a bit brighter these days ???? @johnandabbie

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Many of Jinger Duggar’s followers responded to her Instagram post with the usual praise for her maternity style and questions about her pregnancy, but others just wanted to talk about her hair. Jinger’s wavy locks are noticeably lighter in the photo, and her new look prompted speculation that she recently got a dye job. Some fans suggested that this would be unsafe for her unborn baby.

“How can you safely dye hair while pregnant? I guess I’ve always heard the dangers of the chemicals are an absolute no during pregnancy,” read one response to her post.

However, others were quick to jump to Jinger’s defense, arguing that it’s perfectly safe to use hair dye while pregnant. The American Pregnancy Association agrees, stating on its website that most research has found that dyes “are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy.”

A large number of Jinger Duggar’s followers ignored the hair dye debate, opting instead to gush about how great she looks with her new hair color.

“Your hair looks amazing! I love that color. So summery!” wrote one fan.

“Jinger, your hair is goals,” another wrote.

Jinger also received plenty of praise for her stylish little black maternity dress, which she wore for a Valentine’s Day date with Jeremy almost five months ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day, @jingervuolo ????

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Based on Jinger Duggar’s most recent pregnancy update on Instagram, she’s currently 38 weeks pregnant, so it won’t be too much longer before fans trade the talk about her hair and maternity wear for discussions about the what she and Jeremy Vuolo decide to name their newborn daughter.