Road Rage: Woman Allegedly Tries To Run Over Instructor After Failing Driving Test

Mayfield Heights, OH — Road rage allegedly set in for a new driver even before she qualified for her permanent license or left the DMV parking lot.

The woman, age 21, reportedly hit a cone and failed her driving test at the Ohio Driver’s Testing Station earlier this month. At that point, according WOIO Action News 19 in Cleveland, she lost her cool and tried to mow down the instructor:

“The instructor said the woman kept yelling, ‘Why didn’t you tell me what I was doing? Where else can I take my test?’

“She then blamed the mistake on her instructor. When the instructor got out of the car, the woman tried to run her over. The instructor barely got out of the way.”

The driving student reportedly drove off in a white Hyundai with temporary tags. The state highway patrol is now trying to find her according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The near-victim in this story is identified as an “instructor,” but when you took your driving test — and the process varies from state to state — was it administered by an instructor or a DMV uniformed officer?

That aside, a driving test can be stressful for many new motorists, but do you think this particular person shall we say overreacted just a bit and needs some anger management counseling?

If the allegations check out, do you believe she has the temperament to receive a driver’s license assuming she eventually passes the test?

Watch a television news report about this alleged incident of driving test road rage at the Mayfield Ohio DMV:

[Top image credit: Shutterstock]