‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Monday, July 2: Bill’s Change Of Heart, Hope’s Baby News, Threat Discussed

Bill wants to do the right thing after Justin speaks to him.

BandB_CBS Bold and the Beautiful recap July 2 Bill (Don Diamont) Change of Heart
Francis Specker / CBS

Bill wants to do the right thing after Justin speaks to him.

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Monday, July 2 features Bill (Don Diamont) doing an about-turn when he decides that his actions have been harming Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) and Liam (Scott Clifton) decide on a course of action concerning the threatening message, Hope (Annika Noelle) tells her mother the good news, and Steffy and Liam talk about the future.

Thorne and Liam had to make a decision regarding the threatening message in the comments section of the Hope to the Future website. According to She Knows Soaps, Liam saves the message and the two decide to track down the IP address. Liam also feels that the comment is nothing but a joke. They agree to keep the message to themselves until they figured out if it was just somebody playing a prank.

In the meantime, Bold and the Beautiful recap states that it seems as if Maya (Karla Mosley) and Emma (Nia Sioux) have at last found something they have in common. They both do not agree with Hope’s latest decisions as far as the Hope for the Future line is concerned. Maya cannot believe that she bypassed her as a model, and Emma is upset that she no longer wants the dancers. Xander (Adain Bradley) listens to them bemoaning their boss’s decisions until Thorne walks in. He advises them to go via the correct channels if they have any grievances with Hope.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) waited anxiously for Hope to tell her if she was going to be a grandmother again. Hope excitedly tells her mother that she is expecting Liam’s child. According to Soap Central, Brooke tells her daughter that it may have been fate that Liam and Steffy did not get married. They decide that it’s best to tell Liam the news right away.

Steffy and Liam talk about Kelly’s future. They wonder what she is going to be like as a teenager and on her first date. Steffy asks him how his day at work was and notes that she and Kelly miss him. She doesn’t want him spending too much time around Hope and wants them to focus on creating a safe family environment for Kelly.

Justin (Aaron D. Spears) lays into Bill for obsessing over Steffy. He tells Bill to start respecting Liam’s family and that he has already interfered too much in their affairs. For once, Bill admits that he was wrong. He confesses to making Steffy’s life a misery. He says that he realized that what makes Steffy happy is her family and Liam and that he put her in a terrible position. He declares that he wants what is best for her, and Justin then deduces that Bill really cares about her. Bill decides not to stand in Steffy and Liam’s way anymore if they want to get married.