‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Always Posts Her Own Social Media Comments

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The matriarch of Southern Charm Patricia Altschul is constantly being trolled by supporters of Thomas Ravenel who ask her who does her posts on social media and the answer is always the same, Patricia runs her own Twitter and Instagram accounts. The question rarely arose until the rift with Ravenel and his Season 5 girlfriend after shooting wrapped for the season.

Heavy says that after Ravenel stood by while his girlfriend berated Kathryn Dennis on the Hilton Head trip, and when she heard about the low-class behavior following the Winter Ball, Patricia was appalled, but when Ravenel reportedly teamed up with his plus-one to troll Altschul’s friend Luzanne Otte and her family online, that was the final straw. Both Altschul and her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, broke off all contact with Ravenel at that point and blocked him from social media in an effort to distance themselves and stay out of any pending legal matters.

But that didn’t sit well with Ravenel, who together with his girlfriend railed against Altschul on Instagram.

“The classy Grande Dame of Southern Charm is attacking me by retweeting nasty troll accounts. She doesn’t seem like the queen of gentility to me. The queen of Southern gentility and the recent author on Southern etiquette has blocked me from Twitter and IG. Just FYI.”

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Things continued with threats of Patricia Altschul and Kathryn Dennis by Ravenel, his girlfriend, and a number of troll accounts, each with few followers and recent start dates, so Altschul and Dennis started responding to random, nasty comments by writing “Hi Ashley.”

Next someone calling themselves a hospice nurse on Twitter began saying threatening things about Dennis, followed by #TeamAsh, suggesting that it was Kathryn who was doing the bullying.

“#hiashley I don’t encourage hate. I receive it from you. That is why you are in the position you’re in. You thought pouncing on me would make you the ‘new me,’ the new atypical protagonist, but darling … you’re just a straight up a**hole.”

“loose lips sink ships” #southerncharm #pugsnotdrugs

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But the harassment continued yesterday with another suspicious Twitter account messaging Mrs. Altschul.

“You dont even tweet your own tweets, Patricia! Why people even bother tweeting you is beyond me!”

Altschul responded despite suspecting that it was Ravenel’s girlfriend trolling her again.

“I reply myself…I run my twitter, Instagram and to a lesser extent Facebook…only because I think it’s losing its luster. What’s ironic is that you tweeted me #HiAshley”

Most of Patricia’s fans are well aware that even though she has help around the house, nobody speaks for her.

“Of course she tweets herself shes @Pataltschul and she’s amazing.”

Patricia responded with thanks to a fan named Joy.

“Thank you Darlin…..that’s what that little blue check by my name means…it’s verified.”