Heidi Klum’s Age-Defying Bikini Diet And Workout Secrets

The 45-year-old supermodel credits an organic diet and exercise for her youthful good looks.

The 45-year-old supermodel credits an organic diet and exercise for her youthful good looks.

Supermodel Heidi Klum has a sensational bikini body at age 45, thanks to a healthy, organic diet, regular exercise, and a positive approach to getting older.

“I hope that one day I will be an old woman looking back and able to say I enjoyed every phase of my life,” Klum told Ocean Drive.

While most people — especially beautiful women — dread getting older, Heidi embraces each part of her life instead of trying to look like a 25-year-old by getting lots of plastic surgery.

“I don’t think of getting older as looking better or worse; it’s just different,” said the divorced mom of four. “You change, and that’s OK. Life is about change.”

Vegetables And Lean Proteins Are Her Staples

Since divorcing singer Seal in 2014, Heidi has dated a number of younger men. She can still attract hot young guys because of her youthful beauty and sexy bikini body.

The former Victoria’s Secret supermodel has her own line of swimwear and lingerie and continues to model the body-conscious clothing herself.

Heidi’s fitness secrets include a low-carb diet and regular workouts that include running, walking, cycling, and calisthenics. While Klum isn’t obsessive about following a strict diet, she avoids processed foods and eats lots of vegetables.

“I like to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins,” the German bombshell told Glamour.

Klum doesn’t believe in starvation diets or deprivation, saying if she wants a cheeseburger, she has it and savors it without guilt. She just doesn’t overeat.

Heidi enjoys cooking, and tries to eat dinner at six o’clock every night with her children when she’s home. “We cook every day. I don’t really go to restaurants that much,” she said.

Klum said she has always been carefree about showing off her body because that’s how she was raised.

“I grew up in a very free environment with my parent,” she said. “We’d go to nude beaches.”

Heidi Klum has appeared numerous times in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue during her modeling heyday. The lanky 5-foot-9 beauty said she was often body-shamed for being too skinny and was sometimes accused of being anorexic.

But Klum insists that she’s naturally thin, and was always uncomfortable when the media or internet trolls slammed her for being too thin.


With her modeling career largely behind her, Heidi has pivoted to a successful career hosting the hit reality TV show Project Runway and designing her own lingerie and swimwear line, Heidi Klum Intimates.

As she looks ahead, Klum’s main priority is being a great mom to her four children and being happy. “We have only one life,” Heidi said. “This is our life right now and our moment, and our moment shouldn’t be over after a certain age.”