Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Reportedly Spotted Getting Cozy During Dinner Date

The two have been spotted together over recent months, but have yet to confirm that they are back together

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The two have been spotted together over recent months, but have yet to confirm that they are back together

It seems like Bella Hadid and The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, just can’t get enough of each other. The couple, who broke up in 2016, appear to have rekindled their romance, although neither has confirmed that they are back together again. The two were recently spotted getting quite cozy while reportedly out on a dinner date.

Hadid, 21, and The Weeknd, 28, were reportedly seen having dinner together on Sunday, per Harper’s Bazaar. It seemed to be an intimate affair as the two were sitting close to each other at their table instead of across from one another. A source claims that the former flames were “snuggled in the back corner” and were having a good time laughing and whispering to each other. The source also revealed that while the model and the “Starboy” singer looked “very sweet,” they were also seen chatting it up with another couple, which possibly hints that it might’ve been a double date situation.

This obviously begs the question, are they giving their love another shot? The two dated for a little over a year before calling it quits in 2016. However, in the past few months dating rumors have since sparked as the two have been spotted a few times out in public together.

Previous to Sunday’s dinner outing, the pair were seen together in Paris in June. “The Hills” singer even uploaded a video to his Instagram story while apparently enjoying a lunch date with Hadid and rumor has it that the woman saying “You’re taking a video of the bubble” in the background is none other than Hadid herself.

In May the couple were seen engaging in some serious PDA while attending a party together during the Cannes Film Festival. They reportedly kept up with each other’s company the next day by hanging out at the French Riviera.

Hadid’s name has been in the headlines recently due to speculation that she engaged in a brief romance with Canadian rapper Drake. The “Nice For What” singer, 31, recently dropped his new album Scorpion, and the rumor was that some of the tracks from the album were about her.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one of the tracks off the album, “Finesse,” was wildly speculated to be entirely about the supermodel and it appeared that their rumored relationship was over before it even began, but the “God’s Plan” rapper was seemingly not over Hadid.

The story goes that Drake and The Weeknd, who both hail from Canada, stopped getting along once Drake began pursuing Hadid heavily, thereby breaking the “bro code.” Despite the “I’m Upset” rapper and Hadid being single at the time, Drake reportedly didn’t want to ruin his friendship with The Weeknd, and so he ended things with the supermodel via text message.

However, once the rumors made it onto social media, spreading like wildfire, Hadid took it upon herself to end the rumor mill once and for all.

Now that the shift has been reverted back to Hadid and the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer, fans eagerly await for at least one of them to confirm that they are officially back on.