Lindsey Vonn & Boyfriend P.K. Subban Take Italy

P.K. Subban and Lindsay Vonn are vacationing together in Italy, and they seem to be having the times of their lives.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images for CMT

P.K. Subban and Lindsay Vonn are vacationing together in Italy, and they seem to be having the times of their lives.

Lindsey Vonn and P.K. Subban recently confirmed that they are dating and now that their relationship is public knowledge, they are sharing some sweet tidbits from a romantic vacation they are taking together. Lindsey and P.K. have left the snow and ice behind and are spending time together in Italy, and it looks like they are having a great time.

As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, Subban and Vonn waited a while to confirm their romance after rumors started to swirl about the two of them. The Olympic skier and professional hockey player made their big debut as a couple at the CMT Music Awards last month, and it looks like they have been spending a lot of quality time together since then.

A few days ago, Lindsey shared a selfie on her Instagram page showing her in Paris. In this photo, P.K. is nowhere to be found, so Vonn had fans wondering if this was a solo trip. Luckily, the mystery didn’t stay a mystery for very long. A couple of days later, Lindsay shared a series of photos on Instagram and P.K. was right there with her. Vonn noted that they were visiting her sister in Florence, Italy, for just a day and that they would be heading off on another adventure the next day.

Since the post in Florence, Lindsey has shared a couple of additional posts on Instagram. One shows a shot of her in a blue bikini diving from a boat into the ocean, while another shows her on the water again in what appears to be a white bikini. These last two don’t show P.K. in them, but he is definitely still there. Subban has shared a couple of posts on Instagram while vacationing in Italy, too, noting in one short video that he’s in the mix of things there.

Vonn’s relationship with Subban seems to be going well and does appear to be drawing less attention and drama than her prior romance with Tiger Woods did. As the Daily Mail notes, Lindsey also dated NFL coach Kenan Smith for about a year, but they split last November. Lindsey and P.K. started generating buzz as a potential couple in April or so this past spring, and many speculate that they might have initially gotten together a bit earlier than that.

Reports indicate that Vonn has spent quite a bit of time in Nashville, Tennesse, in recent months, and of course, that is where Subban is based as he currently plays for the Nashville Predators. Lindsey Vonn and P.K. Subban are clearly living their best lives on this vacation in Italy and fans hope they’ll continue to share additional updates as the trip progresses.