July 2, 2018
Anna Kournikova Shares Photo Of Twins Ahead Of Soccer Battle Between Anna's Russia, Enrique Iglesias' Spain

Fans of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias got a great treat via her Instagram page over the weekend when she shared adorable photos of twins Nicholas and Lucy. The world was stunned when the private couple revealed last December that they had welcomed the babies, but now the former professional tennis player shares tidbits on the little ones here and there. For this most recent battle, it is clear that the babies couldn't choose sides.

As E! News details, the photos of Nicholas and Lucy came via Anna Kournikova's Instagram page in honor of the World Cup game between Russia and Spain. Given the fact that Kournikova is originally from Russia, while Iglesias is originally from Spain, this had to have been an epic battle within the household. Anna dressed the babies in jerseys representing Russia, but she also added a second photo showing Nicholas and Lucy in Spanish jerseys. This was a major World Cup battle, as it went into overtime and Russia edged out Spain.

Anna and Enrique have shared some other photos highlighting Lucy and Nicholas as the World Cup battle heated up. As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, Iglesias posted a picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago as he watched Spain play Portugal and he had one of his little ones up on his shoulders. In another photo, he had Nicholas on one side of him on the couch, Lucy on the other, as they watched the game.

Instagram | Anna Kournikova

In another photo shared a couple of weeks ago, Kournikova posted a photo on Instagram showing her with Nicholas in a Russian jersey, and he was smiling brightly as she gazed lovingly down at him. Anna and Enrique don't typically post a lot of photos of the twins on social media, but they appear to have lightened up slightly on that front lately.

Not long ago, Anna posted a short video showing her dancing while she had Lucy in a carrier, and she even shared a throwback photo in early May from her 37th week of pregnancy last winter. One of Iglesias' other Instagram posts highlighting his little ones came at the end of April. He had one of the babies on his hip and noted, "I still can't believe..... you're mine."

Next up for Russia is a battle against Croatia on Saturday, with the final World Cup game slated to take place on July 15. Can Anna Kournikova's team win the World Cup this year, and will Enrique Iglesias embrace the Russian team now that his beloved Spain is out? Fans will be anxious to see if Enrique and Anna share any additional photos of Nicholas and Lucy cheering on their mom's team as the battle continues.