‘General Hospital’ Shares ‘Epic’ Gift With ‘JaSam’ Fans, Posts 15 Episodes Featuring Jason And Sam On ABC App

Those who love Jason and Sam as a couple will want to check out the new set of episodes featured on ABC and the network's apps reliving this epic romance

Todd Williamson / Invision/AP Images

Those who love Jason and Sam as a couple will want to check out the new set of episodes featured on ABC and the network's apps reliving this epic romance

General Hospital fans were anxious for details recently when stars Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton shared a big tease via social media. They said that there was something epic on the way via the ABC website and added that whatever it was would be a first in soap opera history. Now it appears that the cat is out of the bag, and this is something that will have fans of Jason and Sam as a couple buzzing.

The first tease came via the General Hospital Twitter account on Friday. Monaco and Burton were in a promo clip sharing that something big would be revealed this week, but they didn’t share enough to spoil the surprise. The note underneath the video teased that people would want to sit down for this one, and there was even a popcorn emoji included.

Now, TVLine shares the epic development and this one is definitely for dedicated “JaSam” supporters. ABC has put together the “greatest hits” for Jason and Sam as a romantic couple and the round-up of episodes is available online throughout the summer. The shows are up on the Jason and Sam subpage on ABC’s site and they can also be viewed via the ABC apps for iOS and Android devices.

There is no log-in required to view these JaSam shows, a big plus for General Hospital viewers as many standard episodes do require a log-in. This fun collection of Jason and Sam-centered episodes will be available through September 30.

Fans of Sam and Jason will definitely want to check this collection out, as the first General Hospital episode available goes all the way back to December 2003. There are 15 shows available in total, with the most recent one having aired this past March.

“Relive Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) captivating love story! From their first meeting, first kiss, and first ‘I love you’ to tequila and dominoes, water gun fights and a rooftop proposal, fans can binge… the most unforgettable moments from the last 15 years of their love story.”

Is this a sign that General Hospital will soon pair Sam and Jason romantically again? They have been dancing around that reunion since Burton returned to the show as Jason, but for now, they remain apart, yet pulled toward one another. This opportunity to watch more than a dozen episodes featuring the highlights of the JaSam romance certainly seems like a hint of things to come for the currently-separated pair.

If this promotion is a hit, which it surely will be, it may prompt ABC to do similar things featuring other key General Hospital relationships in the months to come. Fans won’t want to miss this opportunity to relieve the biggest moments of Jason and Sam’s relationship, and JaSam supporters can agree that this is a pretty epic surprise.